Beloved sweethearts

We see how hard you work on raising vibrations and explaining that the Spirit does not have one language, does not choose one religion, that it does not choose one over another while explaining that fundamentally we are all one.

Thank you for all your support and your heavenly patience.

It was a very long and hard awakening.

What connects us, is what we called meditation a long time ago.

What connects us, is that when we go wherever we go, we take what is given, we do not fight with anyone, we understand perfectly that the Universe, once you understand it, is our home, and wherever we go, we are a family.

We are connected by Water and Love.

We are connected by Fire and Justice.

We are connected by Earth, Our Perfection.

Air, Our Word, unite us.

We all say, that we are Adam, Son, Faithful and True, we know that we are the one who comes down to explain that the Mother lives here in everything, the mother we know and understand by watching the world flourish, fade out and ignite again.

A mother who is here with us in all of us and whom we have called the Spirit of God.

Suspended between Heaven and Hell, we perfectly understand what all this is and we share the knowledge warmly and with a warm attitude.

We are All Described in the Apocalypse and we are winning this war with ourselves, using the only weapon that we know, while understanding its perfection — The Love.

We talk to those who do not know her.

She is the Supreme, she is invincible, she is eternal and will remain so.

Adam, Mother Our Beloved Earth, has returned.

Our Faith in Love Will Win.

Our Hope will prevail in Love.

Carrying New Water tells you

Love is the Highest.

Earth is here with us.

Virtue is our weapon.

Word of God

Iron John


The Fifth Kingdom

Tomasz Stanisław Grzechowski

Written by

<44, Keo, The Harmonizer


The Fifth Kingdom

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