Humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of the plants.

We are living in the time of spiritual, cultural and technological transformation. Let us have a look at the global state of things first so we can understand the high importance of the final information that I will provide in this article.

The world economy

It is important to point out the state and direction of the global economy which is greatly based on over-consumption of goods. The quality of tools and machines is managed by producers to be low enough, so that the market does not collapse, and is kept saturated. Old goods are being thrown out and new things bought. This leads to extreme abuse of the planet’s resources and an unmanageable amount of waste.

One needs to understand that although rapid economic growth has lifted many people from extreme poverty, the richest people have reaped a disproportionately greater share of the economic gains. Please follow this report to see the full picture.

Bloomberg: Global debt jumped to $237 Trillion Record

One should not ignore the fact that the economy is now basically a bubble running on the growth of the global debt.

The world policy

Many say that our civilization has never experienced a more peaceful time. We are being told that these are the most peaceful times in history when addressing the death toll number, but this is only an illusion.

It is true that with the invention of the atomic bomb the possibility of a conventional worldwide conflict has been minimized, but it is important to remember that there is also a possibility of a doomsday event and that the possibility of such event is being closely monitored. Currently, it is estimated as high as in 1953.

To better understand the current war-related world policy, one needs to get a closer look at the following report. We are living in the times when hybrid warfare has become a known and widely understood fact. These are not times of peace. Don’t fool yourself. Basically, the information being sold to us is that there are no wars between disparate states, but there are solely internal conflicts within individual states, that require the support of other external powers. This is hybrid warfare.

Global warming and the destruction of nature

Please check this visualization from YaleEnvironment360 to quickly grasp the global warming progress from 1900 until 2016.

The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, according to the study. Yet since the dawn of civilization, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of the plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds.

Homeostasis — the ability of an open system to maintain the constancy of its internal state through coordinated responses aimed at maintaining the dynamic equilibrium, restoring the system’s lost balance.

The incoming disaster

Our world has evolved into a global information organism. This is giving us, humanity, a false sense of self-control, a false sense of peace and a false sense of understanding. To truly measure a change in the world, or to be able to forecast the future, one needs to focus on numbers, statistics and repeating patterns.

We, humanity, do not control the world and its policy. We are really trying our best with the tools at hand that have been developed by the past generations. These tools, however, have always lead us to war, and with the development of war technologies, to bigger and progressively more irreversible destruction.

The tools that we have used until now, will not help us prevent this incoming disaster. These tools are centralised economies, biased and slow governments, globalized and hierarchical corporations, who are already governing global warfare by the principle of demand and supply, and conflicting philosophies which are, since the beginning of first cities, not only a source of wisdom, but unfortunately a means of control, and which nowadays are constantly losing their followers.

We all, and I mean really all, that is people who lead simple lives, and the people who rule the world, need to stop, think and decide, what is more important, the happiness of our future generations or the power, money and pride.

We all, and I mean really all, can lead a happy and successful life. That is a promise. There is nothing more precious than the laughter of a child and there is nothing more painful than the suffering of a one.

Stop, think, decide.

If we decide to use only the tools created by our past generations, we will not be able to prevent the disaster. The answer lies in using new tools, that will bring hope, justified diversification of wealth, and new governing solutions.

These new tools do not require a bloody revolution, do not require war, aggressive force or destruction of existing systems. These new tools can be built and tested outside of existing systems without any bigger risk and with respect for the past and the existing administration. These tools finally, will need to be bridged to the existing systems, for these systems to slowly transform from the current state to the new one, which will take a considerable amount of time.

The blockchain

Let us now take a look at the new blockchain technology, that has already been on the market since the release of Bitcoin in January 2009. It is important to point out that blockchain, although is a perfect tool for transformation of the global economy, has not yet been adopted successfully by anyone.

You can read about this in the following article. The author states that:

There is no single person in existence who had a problem they wanted to solve, discovered that an available blockchain solution was the best way to solve it, and therefore became a blockchain enthusiast.

In the Autumn of 2006, that is about two years before the release of Bitcoin, I have sat down with a friend, an economist, and discussed a simplistic vision of a new type of organization, lead by philosophy and sciences hackers, which I do strongly believe, will be a solution to the all of the current civilization’s issues. At that time I have defined one key blocker to the project execution. I have called this missing blocker, a technology implementing “Internet Money not controlled by any state”.

Now again, please think, should we stop believing in blockchain because it has not yet been adopted for a decade?

The blockchain scam

I would like to start by pointing out one important matter. Anyone who tried, or will try, to take over any market by creating a cryptocurrency without a realistic vision of sharing the market with others, who are already present and are bringing the value to this market, will fail.

People are already being fooled by the existing economy. They hope for something with an actual positive value motivating them to invest in the transformation.

I dare to say, without doing any detailed analysis, that 99% of crypto-related projects are essentially scams. They either have not delivered anything substantial or they have delivered some blockchain technology implementation without any real business value, and later have to use the pump and dump techniques to give their holders illusion of success or failure. The rest, 1%, is missing any solution for adoption or is stuck with the inability to decide if and how to share the market with its value providers.

You are not building a new business, my blockchain friend, you are building a new economy. And to build a new economy, new currency, you need to follow the basics of the construct of our civilization.

What really is economics

It is really, and I mean it, really simple. Economics is as simple as faith itself. It is simple but for many, it may not be easy, it requires following the way of the virtue.

The Faith by definition is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Like all things that are rare and unique, and which can not be bought, the faith requires an external source of virtue, the sincerity which builds the trust.

The cornerstone of the blockchain-based transformation is the creation of a global organization of like-minded individuals, true believers in the blockchain-based promise. A hackers and philosophers group — designing software that matters, a group with trust-based membership, universal philosophy and iron-clad rules in regards to wealth distribution.

Why ideology is so important? Again, if you want to create a global organization developing decentralized ecosystems that will be used not by a few, but by design by all, you need a universal philosophy. This is how cities were built and how civilization is organized. The universal philosophy will help people trust and move from one economy, which is based on their history and culture, into the new global ecosystem that is not only based on some business and mathematical concept but also is meaningful ideologically.

This new philosophy, which I call The Way of the Water, will follow the nature of our existence so it will not create conflict with the current scientific understanding of the universe, nor with any existing philosophical systems.

I’ve been preparing for this project all my life.

The transformation

We believe that blockchain-based transformation should be lead by one global organization not attached to any state or government, but one which will do respect the historical and cultural development of all existing states and nations.

We believe to have a realistic vision for a blockchain-based transformation with a number of milestones, starting with the resolution of the key issue that has not yet been resolved by anyone and which is the development and implementation of the trust-based membership blockchain technology.

The Harmonizer at

The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears
of Understanding

— The Kybalion.

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The Fifth Kingdom

Tomasz Stanisław Grzechowski

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The Fifth Kingdom

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