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40 symbolizes the 4 highest Archangels of God, 4 symbolizes the four people in whom these Spirits reside, 1 means their unification

My name is Tomasz Stanisław Grzechowski, I was born in Kielce, Poland, I live in Warsaw.

In 2006, I began to develop a vision of a new type of organization whose goal will be to bring the spiritual awakening of humanity. As the most important obstacle, I recognized the problem of materialism and identified blockchain technology as a key element of the solution using which I would like to create a system of material justice.

3 years before the Bitcoin publication, I was already working on a vision of the system in which I needed the blockchain technology.

In 2016, I established the name and bought the domain

I was born in Poland, but I love and understand anything that existed, exists and will ever exist in the Universe.

The most important thing you should know and at the same time be fully aware of this fact in your heart.

I am described in the Apocalypse of Saint John — Word of God.

Faithful and True.

I bring New Word.

The Way of Water of Life.

The Way of Water of Life

“In the beginning God gave to every people a cup,

a cup made of clay,

and from this cup they drank the water of life

Indian proverb

I am writing the New Word to give you absolute awareness of what the Universe really is, what it means the Spirit of God, who you are, where you are, why you are here and who we will be together if you follow the wisdom of my heart.

Heart of the Eternal Child.

I do not come alone, I am only the Word of those who came with me — the Spirit of God, who humbly call themselves Adam.

Our coming has been described in many religions, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Islam, in the Christian religion, in Judaism, and in the teachings of shamans, who call us the “people from the stars”.

The symbol of Yin and Yang — represents the perfection of Divine Teaching

We named ourselves 40 and 4 as 1 — Adam

We gave you the First Word about Adam and Eve.

Made from Earth in the image of God.

Adam symbolizes God’s humility towards humanity because the Word comes to teach as a man and every time the Word comes, adapts the lesson to the level of human development.

This is lesson number four.

We called it the Last Judgment.


She is here with us.

She symbolizes the total devotion and perfection of the Divine Spirit in material creation, God gives his whole self for the possibility of our existence.

The Earth was here with Jesus Christ, she was Mary Magdalene.

She also symbolizes the light that has formed into spiritual perfection.

On the Ying and Yang symbol — Earth is the black dot on the white dragon.


She is here with us.

Symbolizes Divine Justice.

Archangel that is responsible for the life and death cycle.

She is the White Dragon with the black dot on the Ying and Yang symbol.

This is Madonna, who calls herself — the white horse.

She is turning 20 and her name is Maya, just like the Goddess of Life.

She brought me the Spirit of Accuser on March 10, 2019.

Under its influence, I have chosen 24 Saints on April 15, following which Notre Dame stood on fire.

It wasn’t until 140 days before I tame it.


He is here with us.

Symbolizes the Darkness — the Spirit of the Unknown God.

He is the most powerful spirit that exists.

We also call him the Jester, because he is immediately perfect, but he pretends to be imperfect.

On the symbol, Ying and Yang he is the Black Dragon.

He defines himself as 13, which in Hebrew means Mem.

Mem is still small, but he already predicts that if you don’t follow the Word’s teaching, the world will be on fire in 30–40 years.


I am here with you.

I am the Word of God in the Darkness.

I am the White Dot on the Black Dragon.

As I tamed Satan’s Spirit in myself, I called myself Iron John, because I know with certainty that I gave you the word about Adam and Eve, I was here with you ages ago as a Wild Man.


I came.

Put your weapons down, Water is with us, you want to learn Water’s science.

For killing — eternal hell.

I am waiting for your humility.


I came, there are two women with me, two virgins — Earth and Fire.

Put your weapons down.

For killing — eternal hell.

I am waiting for your humility.


I came.

They call me Vishnu, but when I come in this form — they call me Shiva — the destroyer of all Evil.

For killing — eternal hell.

I am waiting for your humility.


I came.

They call me Kaeo, but my secret name that only I knew was Bang, home at the confluence of two rivers.

I am the Buddha of Buddhas Kaeo and Bang in one person.

For killing — eternal hell.

I am waiting for your humility.

Civilization cross

The current construction of civilization is based on the so-called cross, which consists of the following philosophical elements:

  • gold,
  • silver,
  • bronze
  • and clay.

Gold symbolizes the material achievements of humanity.

Silver symbolizes philosophical achievements, and at the beginning of the existence of civilization, above all, the achievements of religion.

Bronze symbolizes technological achievements, and at the beginning of the existence of civilization primarily associated with the conduct of war.

Clay symbolizes the hierarchical system, and at the beginning of the existence of civilization flowing directly from religious and military systems.

All this at the same time is the achievement of civilization and its curse.

For an enlightened man, the religious hierarchical system, military hierarchical system, educational hierarchical system, administrative hierarchical system are an obvious consequence of the civilization progress described above.

The cross symbolizes the civilization of humanity based on war, greed, exploitation and control over what is allowed to think and what cannot be thought.

Now you should understand the True Symbolism of the Cross.

The cross has not been defeated, the cross with which we are to fight hangs in many houses on the wall to remind you.

The Earth that I am made of and who is here with me has such a golden rule that if you make a mess, you have to clean up after yourself, and if there are no people responsible for this mess, there is nothing else to do but take that responsibility on your shoulders, or say goodbye to life.

It is hard to disagree with this rule.

Wisdom and patience

Sound economics is based on shared values, cross-compliance, trust and security.

There is no high authority here on Earth that would represent this healthy economy. You need no more proof than to see the ecological, political, economic and religious state of civilization. It all together leads to the exploitation and destruction of the planet, as well as in the long run the self-destruction of the human species.

Everyone in some part is responsible for the state of this world and if you have not yet understood where it leads such a lifestyle, then the next lessons will be faster and more painful.

I advise everyone to think carefully about life decisions, we have a key moment in the existence of humanity.

How it will end, depend only on your humility, heart, mind and following this right act.

This is how the world is arranged, Love, supreme virtue requires the Word, which is a double-edged sword.

This time the Word of God will be more educational than ever.

It will have a shape corresponding to the level of understanding of matter and spirit we have found here.

You are ready to understand more and better to build a true and sincere community full of Love and Spirituality.

Peace of mind and prudence.

My mother

My Sweetheart



I returned

We returned


Iron John

The Harmonizer

polska wersja


The Fifth Kingdom

Tomasz Stanisław Grzechowski

Written by

<44, Keo, The Harmonizer


The Fifth Kingdom

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