When you understand how the world originated and what is the purpose of all the existence, and you are twenty-several years old, and it is 2006, and you see the Internet and all this broken world, then you see what the Internet is made for.

When you understand what the Internet was for, you think:

“I already know how to fix it all, all I need is something like Internet Money that is unconnected with any country or organization.”

And that’s Blockchain.

Three years before the publication of Bitcoin, the first implementation of blockchain technology, I knew that I needed Blockchain to achieve what was not possible so far.

My name is Iron John and I needed Blockchain before the Universe ever existed.

To communicate with the world, I need a system that implements equality of opportunity and social justice.

I came to Earth to melt Gold with Silver and finish the eternal War of the Forces of Light and Darkness.

Word of Air

Word of Iron

Read more about our understanding of the current world situation.

Русский перевод

Polskie tłumaczenie


The Fifth Kingdom

Tomasz Stanisław Grzechowski

Written by

<44, Keo, The Harmonizer


The Fifth Kingdom

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