Brainstorm Professional Interview

Since last week, I have been looking for someone that is in my field to interview. I really want to interview Giuliana Rancic. If you don’t know who she is, Giuliana is an entertainment journalist on E! News, and that is what I want to do eventually after graduation. I want to become an entertainment journalist because I enjoy “stalking” celebrities and keeping up with their lives. If I can’t get Giuliana Rancic (I’m sure I can’t), I want to interview someone who is close in my field.

In high school I joined the mentor program through Cox Communications. This was an experience that I would never forget because I was so into figuring out what I wanted to do after high school and staying out of trouble. My mentor became one of my friends and she has been nothing but supportive throughout my high school and college years. Therefore, I decided to choose her as my professional interview. Hopefully, I can interview her within the next week.

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