Life Reflection

Writing in a reflective journal helps you to get ideas and thoughts out that you would never say out loud. It makes you reflect on your life and how everything is perceived. Blogging is something that I dibbled and dabbed in, but I forgot to keep up with it. Having this blog as a reflect journal helps you to go back and see the challenges that you were faced with and how you go over them.

One of the challenges that I’ve been faced with so far is been able to keep up with my work as to being constantly sick this semester. This week I’ve been looking into jobs/internships after graduation and I started to notice that people were looking at my LinkedIn account to figure out more about who I am and my accomplishments. Creating the LinkedIn account was a next step into my career and I believe that everything happens for a reason. A decision that I had to make was either stay in bed and be sick or get up and do my work on time. In life you have to keep pushing no matter what the circumstances are and get things done.

I know this post is everywhere, but this week creating the reflective journal has been interesting and I am ready to learn how to brand myself and become who I want to be after graduation.

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