Project 1

This week our first project is due and it is all about branding yourself and figuring out what title you would like to be associated with after graduation. Throughout these couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about being a broadcast journalist for entertainment news as well as doing things with public relations. I am into talking about celebrities, interviewing, voiceovers, and putting together news packages. Overall, public relations would go hand and hand with being in the entertainment business because you get to know people and they being to trust you through interviews.

Our project was to create the AboutMe and LinkedIn page to define ourselves for others to know more about us. Although, I wasn’t sure about putting my YouTube page out on AboutMe, it is a great way for people to get to know me because that’s something I am passionate about. I didn’t start a YouTube channel if it wasn’t for my WritDM class. I would watch a lot of beauty gurus, natural hair gurus, and didn’t think that I would be able to create the same kind of content until I had to make a video for class. It is something that I am passionate about and learning more about myself through the type of videos that I upload and the type of people I have met through YouTube.

Creating a LinkedIn account was kind of interesting because I didn’t know what I was doing. As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t know what type of picture to post, but I did my best with what I had. Overall, adding these skills and creating my resume made me realize that I want to do more with videography, editing, and putting myself out there for others to see who I am and what I can create.