Singer Chris Brown accused of threatening Baylee Curran with a gun

On Tuesday, August 30th, Chris woke up to helicopters, cops, and the SWAT team, surrounding his house because of a model claiming he was going to pull a gun out on her. He took to Instagram, where he was explaining his side of the story, while he was held in a standoff with the police for 14 hours. He stated, “All I do is take care of my daughter and work, what else do y’all want from me, bro? The world is about to end.”

Curran, a former beauty queen, posted a video on Instagram stating, “If you were threatened with a gun, you would call the police, right?” She stated that she was at the party the night before, was hanging out until Brown told her to get out, and threatened her with a gun if she didn’t leave. Curran also said they hung out before, but this time she was scared.

This allegation led to Brown going on a rant through Instagram. Once his attorney Mark Geragos arrived at his house to calm him down, Brown was then later put in handcuffs. According to Los Angeles City jail records, Brown was released later that night with a $250,000 bail. Everyone was supporting him through this breaking and disturbing news, but in the end his attorney knew this story was falsified.