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A few months after the debut of the new divisare, we will publish the first, rather unique issue, a magazine that talks about architecture without showing it. We want to urge you to turn off your electronic devices, to sit down in a comfortable chair, to get to know some extraordinary people who are changing Architecture today through their work. The idea is very simple: we will go anywhere in the world where good architecture is happening, to meet its makers and interview them. We are thinking about long interviews, almost interrogations. We will meet architects of all ages, also very young, not necessarily in the international spotlight. Our goal will be to get them to make a full confession, to pry out of them the secrets of doing, the tricks of the trade, the method: we want them to tell us how to achieve a well-made work of architecture.

The magazine’s program can be summed up as follows: to learn about ways of making architecture, and to narrate them.

diventare divisare is a blog where we narrate what we are doing while we are doing it: the new architecture of the site, is graphics, its new functions, but also the path that will lead to the publication of our magazine on paper. If you want to stay informed and watch this process of transformation step by step,
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Translation by / S. Piccolo