Mobile first

Today we always carry around pocket devices connected to the Internet, like the computers we have on our desks. We want exploration of divisare to be a pleasant experience in any place, in any situation. Our goal is to put your favorite architecture in your pocket… but there’s more. You can check out the latest competitions, update your personal profile or publish a new project, wherever you are, directly from the screen of the devices you always carry with you. Designing divisare, we have started right here: all the functions will be immediately available, even from the little screens of your smartphones.

diventare divisare is a blog where we narrate what we are doing while we are doing it: the new architecture of the site, is graphics, its new functions, but also the path that will lead to the publication of our magazine on paper. If you want to stay informed and watch this process of transformation step by step,
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the divisare staff

Translation by / S. Piccolo