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Becoming Liam

Great News — Times Two!!!

GOOD NEWS — PART 1: Saturday evening when my wife and returned home from our friends’ house, a letter from the Social Security Administration was in my mailbox. They have changed my legal name and gender marker with the SSA!!! Wooooohooooo!!!

GOOD NEWS — PART 2: This morning I received pre-authorization approval from BCBS of Mass for my surgery — which means they will be paying for the majority of my top surgery! I am SOOOOOOOOO stoked!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

So, next steps:

  1. This morning I sent the authorization form for my doctor to sign, so I can visit the NCDMV and have my legal name and gender changed on my NCDL.
  2. I’ve already started reaching out to my credit card companies and bank to get the process started. Some of them are still back in the dark ages — wanting me to fax or mail documents. Seriously???
  3. I have to get everything (payroll, tax forms, etc.) changed at Cisco.
  4. My passport still has to be updated.
  5. 401K has to be updated.
  6. Other numerous accounts, etc.

IT’S A LONG PROCESS…but I am thankful that it hasn’t been more difficult — at least thus far.

Later, friends! Off to continue the process!




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