“Nashville Statement? More like TRASHVILLE STATEMENT” — SueAnn Shiah

If y’all didn’t know, the Nashville Statement is a statement signed by 150 church leaders (and growing) about their beliefs on human sexuality.

It says amazing things like how marriage is only between one man and one woman and approval of “homosexual immorality” is sinful. They also used the new innovative word called “transgenderism”.

I rolled my eyes so hard I almost went blind.

I keep a civil distance with church nowadays.

This #NashvilleStatement trashroid has had me thinking about my past, and how the same energies that created it is the same energy that caused me trauma I’m still unwrapping to this day.

I’m done trying to convince any person or institution of my existence. I resist any notion that I am not allowed to take up the space that I fill.

I refuse to be queer on church terms, and I refuse to ask for my freedom. It is my right, and my divinity is my own.

The #Nashville statement asks impossible things of me and my chosen family. It erases me, and so many of my friends I hold dear. It bears fruits of sadness and despair.

It denies me of my humanity and it denies me of the unrestrained love I bring to relationships since coming out.

I’m annoyed I somehow have the energy to write about this, but not about all the other stuff that’s going on. But alas, I took multiple naps today.

Y’all are serving “Under His Eye” realness today. Doing the entire, bigoted most.

A plus side to this is at least now we have A National Bigot Registry.

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Renaming of Nashville to Trashville by SueAnn https://twitter.com/sueannshiah