Antonio Rengel
Nov 2, 2020 · 2 min read

November Be Creative And Shit Challenge: Intro

My first masterpiece

Do you consider yourself a creative person?

I know I do!

However, I have a problem. One that gets in the way of actually creating anything.

You see, I have a little critic that lives inside of my head. He may be little but he’s quite mean and talks loudly. He say things like:

“Dude you’re a terrible writer, don’t even try”

“Don’t publish that; they’ll laugh you out the room”

“That was a shitty little picture you drew.”

Can you relate?

While this “inner critic” speaks in different voices to different people; I suspect most creative people have one.

I’ve spent years trying to battle this inner critic… mostly to no avail… so for one month I wanted to try something else.

For the month of November I’m going to prove my inner critic right by creating one “shitty thing” every day. I call it…

“The November Be Creative And Shit Challenge”

The goal is to create and share something every day for the month of November… no matter how shitty it is.

That “something” can be a drawing, photo, poem, piece of avant garde performance art… doesn’t matter!

The goal is simply to create one “shitty” thing a day. I want you to set the bar so low that it throttles any excuse your inner critic has.

This is no time to create your masterpiece. This is your opportunity to roll around in the creative muck. Enjoy the fun and failure that go hand in hand with making things. And most importantly…

Give that nagging “inner critic” in your head the “fuck you” it so duly deserves.

Come join if you feel inclined :)


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