Be a part of the largest Earth exploration mission in human history.

Bedrock is now hiring.

It’s a big day.

We’re growing our family in the two key areas where we’re developing technology: data acquisition (robotics) and data management (cloud software). As the first two hires of the company, these are critical roles far beyond the technological hurdles that need to be overcome.

We’re looking for the brave and humble. The empathetic explorer. The daring and scrappy engineers not afraid to challenge the way it was done before.

This is the core team required to develop foundational technology to carry out the largest earth exploration that humans have ever conducted. And if this is something you’d like to include in your own life legacy and personal story, you can apply here.

Please tell your friends.

The Bedrock Team.

You can learn more about the company in our memorandum here.



Developing robotics, autonomy, and software to explore, map, and classify the entirety of Earth’s ocean floor.

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Anthony DiMare

Anthony DiMare


Building Bedrock — CEO & Co-founder. Co-founder of Nautilus Labs.