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Akko 3068B Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Akko 3068B is a 65% keyboard kit currently on sale for $89.99 on Amazon. The 3068B was sent to me by a retailer in exchange for my honest review. I received the Black & Pink version of the board with Akko CS Jelly Pink switches. I primarily used the 3068B with a PC running Windows 10, but I also confirmed that it works over Bluetooth with my Pixel 3 running Android 12.

The Akko 3068B shipped in a black cardboard box with a pink and black slipcover. The 3068B is pictured on the front of the slipcover, in addition to text specifying the chosen keycap profile and color scheme. There is also a sticker that denotes the hot-swappable nature of the 3068B’s PCB. The Akko logo and Akko’s social media links and corporate contact information are provided on the sides of the slipcover. A sticker denoting the selected switch type is also found on the top side of the slipcover. Finally, a diagram of the 3068B identifying the board’s shortcut keys is featured on the back of the slipcover.

Inside the box, the keyboard is stored in a polyethylene bag, which is seated inside a foam cutout. The top of the board is covered by a clear plastic cover. Besides the board itself, the package included a user manual, keycap puller, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a variety of novelty keycaps. The 3068B also includes a selection of additional modifier keycaps in alternative colors and sizes for use with other keyboards. This is a nice touch.

The Akko 3068B has a plastic case with a thick bezel and rounded corners. The case is very heavy for a plastic board. The keyboard has a recessed USB-C port on the left side of the board. The bottom of the board has collapsible plastic feet with rubber caps.

On the opposite side of the back of the Akko 3068B from the USB-C port is a toggle switch for the keyboard’s wireless functionality. This switch was not aligned correctly on my unit and required more force and finagling than should be necessary to switch on or off. It also did not lock fully into the “On” position, though the wireless functionality worked perfectly in both the Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz modes. I used the 3068B at my desk 1–1.5 meters from my computer, so I do not have a real sense of the limits of the wireless range. The keyboard does go into a power-saving sleep mode when using the 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth modes and requires a second or two after an initial input to wake up and begin registering keystrokes.

The layout is slightly more horizontally compressed than feels natural to me. I sometimes had an issue reaching for the “Backspace” key and hitting the “Tilda” key instead. I also do not understand why 65% keyboards typically opt to include “Page Up” and “Page Down” as two of the default options in the rightmost column of keys. Thankfully, this can be rebound in the Akko Cloud software. However, I greatly appreciate having dedicated arrow keys.

The keycaps are Doubleshot PBT in Akko’s ASA profile. ASA uses roughly the same height as OEM keycaps but with spherical tops. I like this profile a lot, but I think I narrowly prefer Epomaker’s slightly lower-profile GSA profile. The outlines of letters and symbols are very sharp, and the keycaps feel both smooth to the touch and robust in terms of build quality.

There are three indicator LEDs on the right bezel. The topmost light identifies the status of CAPS LOCK, and the bottommost light identifies whether the Windows key is locked, but I could not discover what purpose the middle light serves. As with the Akko 3061 I previously reviewed, the RGB lighting, while consistent, is not as bright as on other boards in its price range. These include those from MarvoDIY or even the various SK/GK rebrands I have used. The LEDs are north-facing.

With the Akko CS Jelly Pinks, the Akko 3068B has a deep, thumpy sound profile. The board sounds excellent out of the box, with just a hint of hollowness. That said, it is definitely on the louder side. The 3068B has the best stock stabilizers I have used on any budget board. There is little to no rattle on any of the stabilizers. I did not find it necessary to perform any mods on them, which is a first for any of the review units I’ve received.

The 3068B uses Akko’s Cloud software for key rebindings, macros, and LED lighting customization. I did not use this software during my review period, as I was satisfied with the stock shortcuts. Akko has done a good job of picking stock shortcut keybindings that make intuitive sense on both of the boards I have reviewed from them. It is worth noting that the Escape, Windows, Right Alt, and Function Keys cannot be rebound under any circumstances, and some of the default function shortcuts cannot be remapped. These non-remappable shortcuts primarily control the backlight and wireless functionality of the keyboard. On the other hand, media controls and other miscellaneous shortcuts can be rebound. Also worth noting is that the wireless functionality switch on the back of the keyboard must be switched off to upgrade the keyboard’s firmware.

Overall, I like the Akko 3068B a lot and feel very comfortable recommending it as a starter 65% keyboard.

The Akko 3068B can be purchased at the link below: EPOMAKER AKKO 3068B Black & Pink 65% Hot-Swap 2.4Ghz Wireless/Bluetooth/Wired Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlight, Double-Shot PBT Keycaps for Gamers/Mac/Win(AKKO CS Jelly Pink, 3068B Black&Pink) : Electronics




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