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Reiyin DA-Plus Impressions

The Reyin DA-Plus is a compact digital-to-analog converter and amplifier (DAC/AMP) combination unit with 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced outputs. The 3.5mm output doubles as an optical output with an included adapter. The DA-Plus is currently on sale for $68.79 for Black Friday. I purchased the DA-Plus directly from Reyin for a reduced price ($ 21.20) with the expectation of a review.


The Reyin DA-Plus comes in a small white rectangular cardboard box with minimal branding. In addition to the device itself, the package includes a TOSLINK adapter, a quick start manual, a warranty claim card, a short braided USB C-C cable, and a USB-C female to USB-A male adapter. This adapter does not have active circuitry to prevent backpowering and I do not recommend using it. The USB C-C cable works as expected, unlike the average Hidizs cable.


The Reyin DA-Plus is slightly more powerful than the already powerful Hidizs S9. Achieving my testing volume required seven additional system volume steps in Windows with the S9 as compared to the DA-Plus using the 2.5mm balanced output to power the Moondrop S8.


The 2.5mm balanced output and the 3.5mm single-ended output on the Reyin DA-Plus can be used simultaneously. The DA-Plus can also use the 2.5mm output and the optical output at the same time. In this use case, the Windows system volume setting will only affect the 2.5mm output, while the optical output volume will need to be adjusted on the device receiving the optical signal. I used the optical output to feed a pair of powered speakers with a TOSLINK input, bypassing the speakers’ onboard DAC. The DA-Plus would not output sound to these speakers with its sample rate set above 96 kHz, though 24-bit and 32-bit depths functioned. This is likely a limitation of my particular set of speakers rather than the DA-Plus.


The Reyin DA-Plus has a high power draw even compared to the Hidizs S9.

There is not much difference between the power consumption while in use as compared to idle.

There does not appear to be a power-saving mode or auto-shutoff function. The DA-Plus can get fairly warm with prolonged use.


Hidizs S9 Review

Note: The following observations were made after switching back and forth between the two devices repeatedly under sighted conditions while volume matched to within .5 dB. The DA PLUS was .4 dB louder than the S9. Any perceived differences between the two sources may be a result of this volume difference. There was a one-to-three-second listening delay to facilitate source switching.

The two devices are very similar in their sound profile. The DA PLUS seems to have crisper treble transient delivery, more bass note weight, and better bass articulation. These improvements are infinitesimal and would not necessarily be apparent under uncontrolled testing conditions.


The Reyin DA-Plus is an excellent candidate for a desktop stack replacement assuming one primarily listens to IEMs or reasonably efficient headphones. It will probably replace the Hidizs S9 as my daily driver. The high power draw limits its portable application to use with high battery capacity transport devices. The optical output is a unique value-add that I would love to see on more devices. Recommended overall.

The Reyin DA-Plus can be purchased here:

Reiyin DA Plus ES9038Q2M Portable HIFI USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier DSD512 PCM 768kHz 3.5/2.5mm BAL /Toslink Optical Output|Digital-to-Analog Converter| — AliExpress