Light Up The World

For Tre

Pilot’s Log

Some time ago — if you will forgive the meaningless-in-the-current-context concept of time ago — our friend Tre started something that still makes us tearful to think about, in a nice way. We are temporarily unable to point you there; if you don’t know, it involved candles. If you do, there is a reminder at the end.

Our own small contribution to the joint effort that Tre inspired included a few appropriate lines borrowed from songs of joy. For Tre, and for anyone else who might be in need of uplift, we have collected those songs, and one more like them, here, because the time is right.

We hope she is well.


These songs speak for themselves, so let’s hand over to them.

1 “And I opened my heart to the whole universe / And I found it was loving” — The Byrds, 5D (Fifth Dimension)

2 “Light a candle, curse the glare” — The Grateful Dead, A Touch Of Grey

3a “Little sisters of the sun lit / candles in the rain / Men can live as brothers / candles in the rain…” — Melanie, Candles In The Rain

3b “So raise the candles high
Cause if you don’t we could stay / Black against the sky
Oh oh raise them higher again
And if you do we could stay dry against the rain” — Melanie with the Edwin Hawkins Singers, Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)

And the bonus:

4 “Just how much we love you” — Stevie Wonder, Happy Birthday

Nothing to do with candles, but everything to do with Tre.

Coming Next

Don’t know. While we’re waiting:

I affirm that I am light. Whenever there is darkness, I will shine.

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