Goodmorning Moon

There is a nice bright moon out this morning and the sun hasn’t quite managed its head out of bed yet. Yesterday I was running around outside in my polo shirt. In the shade, it was about 15 C but in the sun 20+ C and it looks like it’ll do the same today.

Lots of great things have been happening this last week but they’ve been keeping me away from you and this I’m sorry for.

Probably the most fun thing that has been keeping me away from you is helping Mark with his new movie Circle of 3s.

Will start filming this summer

I’ve known Mark since he was 7 or 8 and as boys, we would always run out into the forest looking for bigfoot with Mark’s camera ready in hand.

Mark lived near Jim Creek in an old but nice farmhouse (my little sister’s daughter and husband with their children now own that farm) only a few hundred miles from the famous sighting of bigfoot.

I’m sure that bigfoot must have made his way up to Mark’s window once or twice during the night because today Mark produces horror films. Watch out M. Night here comes Daddy B.

Need to run, I think I see bigfoot coming up behind me,

Ron the Siberian

Remember to make the heart GREEN, or the bigfoot might come and visit you tonight.