Hill side in Southern Siberia, photo by Nikita Velikanin

Home in Siberia

When I make my way into Germany and other Dutch countries I fit like a cog in the wheel, the society there is like a large machine and I know my role, place and how I should function.

As a young man landing back in New York from my first trip to Europe I had the greatest desire to kiss the ground, I felt the protection of America and was thankful, I still remember this feeling after more than 35 years.

When I first made my way into northern central Asia, Siberia, I had a deep comfort, like I was a baby being cuddled by my mother, the feeling as if this was my nest. Many Russians, Mongolians or people that visit or move here have this same comfort but they also have this conflicting feeling of backwardness that lingers from the Soviet era, like a bad smell that lingers from garbage that sat to long in the kitchen before it was taken out.

In Nepal, I feel like there is some great hidden knowledge (maybe this is just my anticipation). In France I feel the romance, China I feel there is a future, Jamaica I’m laid back, I could go on and on about the different places I have been but I want to point out that each place has its special feeling.

I can not say that any of these feelings come from the people in those areas, it’s more like it comes up from the ground and if you belong there you’ll move there or otherwise you feel out of place.

I know that Americans associate Russians to Mafia but we in Siberia today are grateful that the US took them. It’s true that Siberia still has its problems but what place doesn’t?

Children play safely on the streets of large Siberian cities and their parents don’t even imagine the fears that American or European parents have.

I believe, these feeling of safety, comfort, fitting in are the phenomena that Lord Rayleigh observed nearly 150 years ago that the earth through seismic activity, in the short term and over time, affects animals and humans alerting them to danger, peace, and so forth.

I am grateful to life and its many wonderful places, issues and people. I relate this to an oil painting that for me is only beautiful when it is full of many different colors.

Ron the Siberian

Maybe Green is the most beautiful color and you should click green all the hearts on my different post, otherwise I’m sure you need to beware of quakes in your life.

First Snow, photo by Olga Filonenko