View of the Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak

Once upon a time in Colorado Springs

I moved there, summer of 1987, under the pretense of taking graduate courses at Colorado Tech but when I look back, maybe fate had some other reason.

Besides signing up for 20 hours of classes (paid by student loans), I had a lifestyle to maintain and this meant I needed a higher income. I was receiving a royalty for some small device that I had designed for a manufacturer in Spokane and they were kind enough to send me a monthly check ranging from $300 to $1200 per month for nearly 12 years. My Dad from time to time sent $400 to $600. I rented a place, at Autumn Crest, for $950 per month and sublet the extra room out for $550 to Matt, my roadie friend and one of his gold records from Billy Joel still hangs at the Siberian Pub, Matt today works for NASA in mission control (the stories I hear from him are a whole new can of worms).

So, I didn’t need, I wanted a job, and in the first months I had from 5 to 6 different jobs (from answering service to picking up nails on a work site) but by the start of the new year Mark SA hired me as a sales support person at MINC Inc* (later I had a more glorified title), I was the eleven employee and left them in 1991. During my tenure met all kinds of great people, Mark SA for one; David Allen who told me “I’m a lazy man, I only want to do something once, so I do it right the first time”; Don Van Dyken who for at least 2 decades (or it seems like it) “just marry that girl” and I did and very happy for it; and other great people.

*I’m not able to find MINC Inc directly in a google search but here is a link I believe AMD ate them up in the late 1990's.

Mikhail Gorbachev

We had great times (the good old days are still happening, right now) and one of my friends John, from MINC (this was such a common name in the Springs that you could yell John on a street corner and half the men would turn their heads) thought that , since I had already been to Russia, it would be a good idea if I was part of the US delegation that would meet with the Russian delegation coming to the US Air Force Academy in 1990. Gorbachev didn’t come and the Russian generals I couldn’t get within a stone's throw but I shook hands with several underlings like myself and we exchanged cards. Within 2 weeks I had received several faxes from Russia (a fax is similar to email but you receive the message on a piece of paper and you send your message back on a piece of paper through a desktop machine) offering me to take different Russian delegation to meet with different politicians and business people throughout the Americas.

Within a month I had incorporated a new company for doing business with Russia, but kept hard at it with MINC for another year. This, my friends, leads to several other stories.

Ron the Siberian

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