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4 min readMay 20, 2021


BEE Network is all about positively changing the world, seeing and harnessing potential not just in human beings, but in all life forms that exist on planet earth — especially bees. So, here are some of the most important things about BEE Network.

Building reliable DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization)

BEE Network represents the future of any decentralized organization. Unlike traditional organizations with centralized leadership structures where there’s often an obvious imbalance of power, BEE Network offers a next-gen approach to organizations where every member of an organization is connected through a system that fosters equality, privacy, and security.

Kevin Kelly’s eye and mind-opening 1992 book, Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World, so eloquently explained DAO as the developed form of an organization through the concept of The Hive Mind. Kevin compared the future organization to the way a beehive works. Even with no central leadership system, bees achieve as well as any other group of organisms, probably more.

No one else is committed to achieving the true potential of DAO than BEE Network. For us, it’s all about the desire to contribute to the evolution of the human species and to offer immense improvement to organizational security, privacy, and synergy.

The BEE Network’s Effect

BEE Network is making its efforts count and is currently poised to do even better in the future. Most organizations worry about turning in profits even if it means deviating from the company vision — not BEE Network. Our vision isn’t tied to money, our bond is with positive revolutionary changes. But the money part is taken care of already.

BEE Network has a strong financial standing underscored by how valuable its domain name, “” is worth (millions of dollars kind of worth).

The vision of the BEE Network is shared by millions of many users around the world — over twelve million users if we’re trying to be specific. Our numerous users come from all over the world, a pointer to our global coverage. We do our best to make things easier for anyone in the world to join the BEE Network irrespective of differences based on sex, tribe, religion, or language. BEE Network’s websites and applications have already been translated into 33 languages — and we’re still counting.

Oh, all of that happened in just over five months.

BEE Network is still growing in capacity, spending over a million dollars on telecommunication forms like SMS and harnessing the community power of our global volunteers.

Happy 520 International BEE Network Day

One more thing — on the twentieth day of the fifth month (May 20) we’ll be introducing the 520 International BEE Network Day in grand style. The future of the BEE Network is almost as bright as the sun and we want to carry our users along in every way because that is the only way we know how to.

The 520 International BEE Network Day will not be a one-time thing, it’ll be held every year to hold BEE Network events and announce the biggest milestones, and the small ones too.

The Bigger Picture: Let the hive live

At BEE Network, we have a special place in our hearts for one of nature’s greatest creations — bees. Many people don’t know it but bees are extremely vital to keep the human population well fed and by extension, keep people alive. Einstein, once postulated that humans will only survive for four years if all bees ceased to exist.

Bees have slowly begun to decline in numbers over recent years. Numerous studies highlight drastic bee disappearance numbers. One study reports that the bee mortality rate is now up to 40% leading to a nine-year consecutive decline streak in bee colonies — the hive is dying.

There’s scientific evidence to prove how bee pollination boosts productivity in fruit size and nutrients. That’s just one of the many ways that bees reveal their global relevance.

Bees are a crucial part of human living and an integral part of the BEE Network’s vision and we believe that people must act with intent to preserve the life of these wonderous insects. Saving bees is on BEE Network’s top priorities and in the not-so-distant future, BEE Network will reveal its plans to set up a bee charity. We hope that everyone joins in to help us save the bees.

Let the hive live.



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