BIFI Contracts Are Live On Mainnet

We are excited to announce that all the contracts to distribute the governance token and begin building the $BIFI ecosystems are live. The initial governance distribution won’t begin until this Tuesday though, so don’t panic.

As a team that has been part of the crypto world for many years, we are strong proponents of “Don’t Trust, Verify”. This is why we are releasing all the required data for anyone to verify that everything will work as intended. We are committed to the idea of radical transparency. This is especially important in a nascent ecosystem like the Binance Smart Chain.

We are confident that BIFI and its community can become one of the leading projects in BSC, but let’s take it one step at a time. For now, you have a few days to go over everything, and decide if you’d like to get some BIFI and join us!

BIFI Governance Token

Address: 0xCa3F508B8e4Dd382eE878A314789373D80A5190A

Proofs of Burn

Here are the transactions where we revoke the minter account that we used to distribute to the pools, and where we burn the governance address that could create more minters. Like we said before, “Don’t Trust, Verify”. You should check all the transactions done by the BIFI governance to make sure that no more minters were approved. We kept the number of transactions to the bare minimum while deploying, to make that task as easy as possible.

Revoke minter: 0x672a2c33769750ab69cafc47d9d5e1f8d0decd6da2f32fc6f412fa39aa0c195b

Burn governance: 0x5e883d6da804fc8fe29bd74406774f3f1bc7e86d8750d140c52da3fa3f83f3f0

Governance Pools

The governance pools are using the same contracts as the first YearnRewards governance pool. We used their original code, but all the helper libraries were re-imported directly from the OpenZeppelin npm package to go directly to the source. You can find the contract with the OZ imports here.
We are strong believers in using battle tested code whenever possible. While our community needs to innovate on building new yield maximizing strategies. We don’t need to innovate on things that already worked. We also wanted to make it as easy as possible to check that the source code is correct.

Pool 1 (wBNB)

Tokens Allocated: 14000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x55bB4FF561CE7d328Ed10af322A14dc9c972f653

Pool 2 (ETH)

Tokens Allocated: 14000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x50013DA75AC4224B5c49fe197bfaf68C16E19d6E

Pool 3 (LINK)

Tokens Allocated: 14000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x44bBCa30AEa5f2D226668c197053Db3FA9eC9771

Pool 4 (CREAM)

Tokens Allocated: 14000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x38191ea2A077D86B3dF410379F8c0Bb130683116

Pool 5 (BNB-BUSD)

Tokens Allocated: 8000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x1263F0BFfE2D740Ea3279416D0e84943B66958eb


Tokens Allocated: 8000
Duration: 60 Days
Address: 0x2b8C4aD8053b7933CFde936F16aBc55BB5F694c6

Team Timelock Contracts

To handle the team time-locks we are using the audited and battle tested OpenZeppelin TokenTimelock contract. All the contracts have their source code verified.

Timelock 1

Release Date: 2020/10/06 @ 4:00pm UTC
Tokens Allocated: 2000
Contract Address: 0xedbf7a30453cf9a63cca4353b38ae60ad4e27bac

Timelock 2

Release Date: 2021/01/06 @ 4:00pm UTC
Tokens Allocated: 2000
Contract Address: 0x0dc06716Bc1eFdb5affD1308302fD45DBC31d09A

Timelock 3

Release Date: 2021/07/06 @ 4:00pm
Tokens Allocated: 2000
Contract Address: 0x4decE2b4c14083250F5a68Faa18372563D174FEa

Timelock 4

Release Date: 2022/07/06 @ 4:00pm
Tokens Allocated: 2000
Contract Address: 0x48091C485eb842c86805251a5d68993bF49C90a1

Let’s Do This!

If you have any questions, reach us out on any of our channels. Our community is awesome and there’s always someone to help out. Even if you don’t have doubts, come say hi!

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