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Beehive Blunders

U.S. Senate Candidate Ally Isom Is Hypocritical and Inconsiderate

I’m going to build bridges,” Ally Isom claimed during her current U.S. Senate candidacy, as the St. George Spectrum reported. Yet, Isom, a Utahn, burned bridges with me. She did so after I successfully completed an internship for her, for free. I wrote one blog post (and sent it to her to be transparent) about action that her boss, former Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, took on one bill. She complained about disloyalty. Yet, not too many years ago, Isom left the entire Republican Party, as The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The GOP includes Herbert and…




Where Utah media falls short, and Utah politicians, really short.

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Rhett Wilkinson

Rhett Wilkinson

Rhett Wilkinson has won 13 journalism awards over 5 years of applying for them. Formerly of B/R, Screen Rant, and Patch. Also been a successful pro se litigant.

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