Been There. Loved That.

Places that need to be shared with the world.

Memories From The Posada

Notes made during a stay in the Andean foothills of Argentina.

The Cordilleras rolled out like centuries from one end of the horizon…

Vignettes From Bali

Notes I made that time I tried to live in Indonesia.

The River

Two Years Of Drinking Beer In Panama

Okay, a little over two years and whole lot more than beer — but this is a little goodbye note to Panama.

Tangier’s ‘Les Fils du Détroit’: The Coolest Jam Session on Earth

Two entirely different ways of life are crashing into each other in Morocco’s former international city. Sometimes the crash is beautiful.

Tangier is about as comfortably polarised as a city can be. The glimmering ville nouvelle is mere steps away from the crumbling ancient…

Spring is Coming

in Seattle

Last time when I looked up, it was a bare tree. I look up again today and it has become a budding tree.

The White Light of Amman

Knafeh, Mansaf and other rules of the hilly city

The taxi driver, Hassan, uses my garbled explanation of where I think I need to be to…

Three Years in Durham

North East England

Mesmerizing Kinderdijk

High times in the Dutch land of folk tale.

There is an English saying “God created the world but the Dutch created The Holland”. Until…

Bad Luck and Good Times on the Appalachian Trail

Four friends, three days, two states (sort of), one trail

We’re marching in the rain, single file…

Sunset from The Shard

A February sunset over London, seen from the 72nd floor of The Shard — the tallest building in the European Union.

Beautiful Bled and Gorgeous Gorge

A better known town in a lesser known country

Slovenija… Who would have thought of visiting this lesser known, not really…

Gokarna, where time stands still

A pointer on why you would want to visit Gokarna, India.

I recently read a post on thrillophilia titled 50 places to visit in


Jordan, Hong Kong

street photography by Xavier Manhing


Jordan, Hong Kong

street photography by Xavier Manhing

Something More Than Roads

The map as data, the map as something else.

We (myself and Helene Pertl) created to try to convey a sense of the Dingle…

Edinburgh Revisited

Places, memories, and men in skirts

Edinburgh and I go back a long way. One of my earliest memories is of being carried, by two men, in my pram…

Srirangapattana, Where the British Took a Fortress, and India With It

A reverie on the rewards of the Raj

What’s Weird About Norway

A touchy-feely guy’s view of a touchless, feel-less nation

Norwegians are weird. I say this out of affection. I’m half Norwegian. I’ve…

What the World Trade Center Site Is Like, Twelve Years Later

To help memorialize the anniversary of 9/11, at least in a very small way, I wanted to take stock of the sixteen acres that…

About Venetian Mountains

Just some hints about Venetian mountains, because Venice is not just on the sea.

Been There. Loved That.
Been There. Loved That.

Places that need to be shared with the world.

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