4 Tips on Hacking High Velocity Sales

Nili Goldberg, Founder of Growthanomics shares tips on how to create more impact on digital customer journeys and achieve measurable results throughout sales and marketing funnels.

It’s no secret that the main challenge for any high velocity sales process is to overcome the lack of face-to-face engagements. When most customer journeys take place digitally, companies are left with fast engagement opportunities and minimal room for error. Because an error in the online world is harder to fix than when you have a personal encounter. And these types of errors, mean that our audience will lose attention and we will lose them as a lead.

At Growthanomics I’ve learnt that an intimate and experiential sales and marketing approach leads to higher conversion rates. With a change of approach and point of view it is also possible to create these experiences in the digital sphere. Here are a few hands-on tips on how you can give your audience the experience that sells:

1. Disconnect your product from your top of the funnel engagements.

Effective top of the funnel marketing generates rapport by making your audience feel understood. Show your audience you know them, their challenges, what would make them shine at work or when looking in the mirror.

Get them to feel they have someone to talk to, and a place they can take a load off. Do that, and the question of “how can you help me take a load off and shine” will come quicker than you could imagine.

From my experience with working with product oriented companies at Growthanomics, once you disconnect the product from your marketing funnel and focus on your customers concerns they will be the ones asking you about your product.

Show them you know them, show them you care, and show them you can help — get them to ask how.

2. Connect with your audience through mutual values.

It creates great rapport and turns the sales process into a natural choice and minimizes comparison and deliberation. To find those mutual values I suggest creating a map (click here for the template we use at Growthanomics). Write out in two columns:

  • Your company values and beliefs on the left.
  • The needs and beliefs the target audience (persona) is facing on the right.

Connect a line between 3 mutual values you feel are most relevant to your brand identity and that acknowledge your audience’s needs. Sometimes you won’t have the exact word on both ends though you may find similarities. In this case, see if there is a mutual word or phrase that captures both sides and makes ends meet. This is the core of your content marketing plan and any content you create. At any point you can test and see whether a marketing action you take reflects or solves one of these values or the challenges they represent.

3. Align your sales and marketing funnel with the experience funnel.

Experiences move the needle for us human beings. Quoting Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Experiences get us to think, remember, make up our minds, and act. At every stage of your marketing and sales funnel there is an experience that will trigger your audience to take the next step. Make sure that experience takes place through your content.

4. Content means tools.

Many companies stick to creating blogs, posts, videos, eBooks and white-papers. Remember, your audience is the feeling that there is someone who cares and who is taking action to help them? Well, informative content may lead your audience to another challenge: figuring out a way to implement these insights and convey the relevant messages to their peers. Why not make your audience truly feel you’ve got their back and do the work for them? You would be surprised how valuable a project plan template or challenge mapping cheat sheet could be. It leaves your audience with a memorable and highly appreciated experience.

The world has changed. People haven’t. They need to experience and feel in order to act. As long as you give them what they need — they are yours. Once you change your state of engagement and follow these guidelines you may find your sales processes are measurably more effective.

Nili Goldberg, a serial entrepreneur, founder of Growthanomics — a growth agency for B2B and tech companies from their early stages until traded in NASDAQ. She brings the same agile mode that companies use to move fast with their product into the business sphere with Growthanomics’s proven system and methodology. Nili holds a Masters degree in international relations, served in the elite intelligence unit of the Israeli army and is a speaker, writer and mentor in leading accelerators and entrepreneurial programs in international business schools.



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