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Melinda Wittstock, CEO of Wings Media, reveals how leveraging a podcast could be the next best thing for the growth of your business.

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These days it seems like everyone has one. And if you don’t, everyone is asking you when that big day will be.

That’s right. I ’m talking about your podcast.

I know firsthand podcasting is hands down the best way to truly find and connect with your customers, and if you do it right, engage a growing community of loyal fans hanging on your every word. When I launched Wings of Inspired Business, initially as a passion project, I found my voice. And as I stepped into owning the authentic me, I developed transformational relationships with customers, joint venture partners, sponsors and investors — and now my fifth business Wings Media. And more about that in a moment.

First, a question for you. Do you wish you started blogging in, say, 2002? Uh huh. Because now there are 500 million blogs. There are only 700,000 podcasts. To me, a 5-time serial entrepreneur, that says OPPORTUNITY.

Here’s what l learned and how I’ve profited from my podcasts:

1. Money

I’ve found three game changing ways to make money from podcasting: I’ve landed sponsors and affiliate partners, I’ve closed new customers (my listeners and my guests), and created profitable information products as a direct spin-off of my Wings Of Inspired Business podcast. Bottom line truth: People buy from people they know, like and trust, and podcasting is one of the few intimate types of media out there. My listeners and guests get to see the authentic me and the relationships I’ve cultivated (as a result of my 350+ episodes thus far) has led to untold business growth.

2. Dharma

Podcasting is a massive “give forward”. My mission is to inspire women in business to “lift as we climb” so I decided to BE the change I wanted to see in the world and provide a platform to affirm and acclaim the entrepreneurial journeys of women and in so doing give women a platform to market and sell their products and services. I think women are at their best when they buy from each other, promote each other and invest in each other. I do that every day with Wings and my ‘give’ inspires goodwill that I see every day in new opportunities.

3. Community Engagement

Podcasting has helped me grow an engaged and valuable community. So now when I make an offer or unveil a new product, service or one of my invite-only business retreats, my tribe already knows me and the value I am providing. And it gets even better. Because remember that 5th business I’m now building? For the first time ever, podcasters are going to be able to have true “daylight into the data”. Because without knowing, understanding, and rewarding your tribe, it is very challenging to earn money from podcasting. Podcast networks and distributors keep all the data to themselves. And with it much of the money. I’m telling a different story with Wings Media: We share with podcasters in our growing network all demographic, psychographic and other data so they have the insights to leverage content as connection and deliver better ROI for sponsors and advertisers.

4. Learning.

With every interview I conduct with women business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs — all with 7, 8, 9 and 10-figure businesses — I learn something new I can apply to my own business. It’s uncanny how the right guest shows up at the right time with exactly the wisdom and expertise I need to grow my own business. I’ve put the best ideas in practice and I can see the evidence of all that learning in my balance sheet and P&L.

If you have a business, a mission and knowledge to share to engage your customers, starting a podcast has never been easier. Still not sure where to start or how to monetize? My company, Wings Media, helps the busiest of entrepreneurs with a “done for you” format, automated systems, viral engagement, and a monetization strategy. We give “wings” to podcasters with detailed psychographic, demographic and behavioral insights into who is listening and watching. This kind of data means resonating content, improved discoverability, and relevant sponsors. So, what are you waiting for? Get to podcasting!

Melinda Wittstock is a serial entrepreneur in media, tech, and social intelligence. Founder and CEO of Wings Media, a growing network of podcasts, retreats and courses, Melinda is a passionate advocate of conscious communications and leveraging entrepreneurship for social good. Host of two acclaimed podcasts ‘Wings of Inspired Business’ and ‘10XTogether: Couplepreneurs’, Melinda draws on her background as an award-winning journalist and TV host across the world’s major brands and an acknowledged innovator in crowd-sourced content, social engagement and artificial intelligence. A single mom to two teenagers and a golden retriever, Melinda’s mission is also to lift women in business. She swears by meditation and yoga and she’s also a world traveler to exotic locations from the Amazon Rainforest to Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Been There Run That

Springboard Enterprises is where influencers, investors, and innovators meet to build great women-led businesses. Our 769 women-led companies have raised $9.5 billion, including 19 IPOs.

Springboard Enterprises

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Where influencers, investors, and innovators meet to build great women-led businesses. Our 769 women-led companies have raised $9.5 Billion, including 19 IPOs.

Been There Run That

Springboard Enterprises is where influencers, investors, and innovators meet to build great women-led businesses. Our 769 women-led companies have raised $9.5 billion, including 19 IPOs.

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