The Global Ecosystem Supporting Women Innovators and Investors

250+ VCs, accelerators, angel networks, conferences, platforms, and communities supporting women innovators and investors

Joshua Henderson
Oct 23, 2018 · 5 min read

There is a new version of this list available here.

Last updated February 1, 2019 (out of date)

I’ve spent over a decade playing an active part in the venture ecosystem as the Vice President of Springboard Enterprises, a global network of women innovators transforming industries. In that time I’ve seen many organizations in this space come and go, but far more have come than gone since my last update to this list in early 2017. The world is finally waking up to the fact that there is big money to be made in finding and funding companies led by diverse teams.

If you’re part of a woman-led company, I hope this list makes your life easier by pointing you to valuable resources and human capital you didn’t already know about.

If you’re in this ecosystem and I’ve either misrepresented what you do or failed to include you, I’m sorry. Please comment and let me know so I can correct my error immediately.

Note: Organizations overlooked in the January 2017 edition and March 2015 edition of this list are included below in bold font

Accelerators for Women-Led Companies

  1. Althea-Imperial Programme
  2. Atto Accelerator
  3. Backstage Accelerator
  4. The Big Push
  5. The Circular Board
  6. Colliders Pre-Accelerator
  7. DivInc (DivInc)
  8. Equita
  9. F-Lane
  10. Female Founders Accelerator
  11. Female Founders Competition by Microsoft
  12. FounderGym
  13. HearstLab
  14. Hera Labs
  15. Hillman
  16. MassNextGen
  17. MergeLane (Elizabeth Kraus)
  18. Monarq Incubator
  19. Multicultural Innovation Lab
  20. mystartupXX
  21. NYC Immersion Program by FD Global Connections
  22. The Pinkubator
  23. Project Entrepreneur
  24. Prosper
  25. Ready Set Raise
  26. The Refinery
  27. Sephora Stands
  28. SheStarts by Blue Chilli
  29. SOAR
  30. Springboard Enterprises (Springboard Enterprises)
  31. TechDiversity Accelerator
  32. Upstart
  33. WiSTEM by 1871
  34. Women Who Dare
  35. Women Innovating Now Lab
  36. Women on the Move
  37. Women’s Startup Lab

Others with demonstrated awareness of the need for diversity of thought: 500 Women, American Underground, Founders Institute, Ignite Accelerator, Make in L.A., NewMe Accelerator, as well as Design Technologies produced accelerators ABCT, ELabNYC, and Next Milestone

Co-Working for Women-Led Companies

  1. EvolveHer (Chicago)
  2. HeraHub (Multiple Locations, Hera Hub)
  3. One Roof Melbourne
  4. The Hivery (Mill Valley, CA)
  5. The Riveter (Multiple Locations)
  6. The Ventura (Australia)
  7. WeAct (Los Altos)
  8. WMN (Tel Aviv)
  9. The Wing (New York City)

Networks of Entrepreneurial Women

  1. Ada’s List
  2. Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs
  3. Alley to the Valley
  4. Astia
  5. Athena League
  7. Black Women Talk Tech
  8. Blooming Founders (Blooming Founders)
  9. C-Sweetener
  10. Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network
  11. digitalundivided (digitalundivided)
  12. Ellevate Network (Ellevate Network)
  13. EnrichHER
  14. Female Equity
  15. Female Founders (Europe)
  16. Female Founders Alliance
  17. Global Invest Her
  18. Hautepreneurs
  19. LandIt (Landit)
  20. Lesbians Who Tech
  21. Pepperlane (Pepperlane)
  22. Philly Women in Tech
  23. SheEOs
  24. SheWorx (SheWorx By Lisa Wang)
  25. SoGal (SoGal Ventures)
  26. The Fourth Floor
  27. The Startup Ladies
  28. StartupChicks
  29. TechWomen Canada
  30. theBoardList (theBoardlist)
  31. TheNextWomen
  32. UPWARD Women
  33. the Vinetta Project
  34. WE Venture
  35. WE@Yale
  36. WEST
  37. Women@Austin
  38. Women 2.0 (Women 2.0)
  39. Women Founders Network
  40. Women in Bio
  41. Women in Tech by ICON
  42. Women Led
  43. Women Presidents’ Organization
  44. Women Tech Founders
  45. Women Who Startup
  46. Women Who Tech
  47. Yazamiyot

Organizations Dedicated to Diversity in Venture

  1. Black Girl Ventures
  2. BLCK VC
  3. Diversity.VC (Diversity VC)
  4. Female Founders
  5. Founders for Change
  6. iNTENT Manifesto
  7. Israeli Power in Diversity Initiative
  8. Project Include
  9. The Billion Dollar Fund for Women
  10. VC Include
  11. Women.VC

Networks of Women Investors

  1. AllBright (UK, AllBright)
  2. ArcAngels (New Zealand)
  3. Astia Angels
  4. Beehive Holdings
  5. BELLE Capital (Lauren Flanagan)
  6. Broadway Angels
  7. Golden Seeds (Golden Seeds)
  8. Hera Fund
  9. Investing Women Angels (Scotland)
  10. The JumpFund
  11. New Voices Fund
  12. Next Act Fund
  13. Scale Investors (Australia)
  14. SheEO (SheEO World)
  15. Sofia Fund
  16. Topstone Angels
  17. We Angels Network (Chile)
  18. WE Capital
  19. Women’s Capital Connection
  20. WOMENA (Womena)
  21. X-Squared Angels

Investor Training Programs/Networks

  1. Angel Academe (Angel Academe)
  2. Female Funders
  3. Kauffman Fellows
  4. Pipeline Angels (Pipeline Angels)
  5. Portfolia (Portfolia by Trish Costello)
  6. We Are Enough
  7. Women First Enterprise by the Angel Resource Institute
  8. Women in Venture

Investors Targeting Women-Led/Diverse Companies

  1. The 22 Fund
  2. Amplifyher Ventures
  3. Backstage Capital (Arlan)
  4. BBG Ventures (Susan Lyne and Nisha Dua)
  5. BDC Capital Women in Technology (WIT) Fund
  6. Bootstrap Capital
  7. BRAVA Investments
  8. Bumble Fund
  9. Chloe Capital (Chloe Capital)
  10. Cleo Capital
  11. Cross Culture Ventures
  12. CTA Fund
  13. Female Founders Fund (Female Founders Fund)
  14. Gingerbread Capital
  15. Gotham Gal Ventures
  16. Halogen Ventures
  17. Harlem Capital (Harlem Capital Partners)
  18. The Helm
  19. Impact NH Fund
  20. Intel Capital Diversity Fund
  21. InvestHer Ventures
  23. Jump Canon
  24. JumpStart Focus Fund
  25. Karmijn Kapitaal
  26. Launch with GS
  27. LDR Ventures
  28. Luna Cap Ventures
  29. Merian Ventures
  30. New Age Capital (New Age Capital)
  31. Next Wave Impact
  32. Pique Ventures
  33. Pivotal Ventures
  34. Plum Alley (Plum Alley)
  35. Red Capital Partners
  36. Reign Ventures
  37. Reinventure Capital
  38. Rethink Impact
  39. Shatter Fund
  40. SoGal Ventures (SoGal Ventures)
  41. Springboard Growth Capital (Kay Koplovitz)
  42. Sybilla Masters Fund
  43. Texas Women Ventures
  44. The Billion Dollar Fund for Women’s Fund Partners
  45. True Wealth Ventures (Sara T Brand)
  46. Victress Capital (Victress Capital)
  47. WE Fund
  48. Women’s Venture Capital Fund
  49. Canadian Government’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund and Women Entrepreneurship Fund
  50. WXR Fund (The WXR Venture Fund)
  51. XFactor Ventures (XFactor Ventures)
  52. XXelerate Fund

VC Funds Led by Female Partners

  1. Aligned Partners
  2. Aspect Ventures (Aspect Ventures)
  3. Astarte Ventures
  4. BackingMinds (BackingMinds)
  5. Bloomberg Beta
  6. Boston Seed
  7. Breakout Ventures
  8. Brilliant Ventures
  9. Converge (Converge)
  10. Cowboy Ventures (Cowboy Ventures)
  11. Day One Ventures
  12. Define Ventures ( Lynne Chou-O’Keefe)
  13. Fika Ventures
  14. Forerunner Ventures (Forerunner Ventures)
  15. Glasswing Ventures
  16. Hustle Fund
  17. Illuminate Ventures (Cindy Padnos)
  18. Impact America Fund
  19. Katalyst Ventures
  20. Longevity Fund
  21. Magnetic Ventures
  22. MILA Capital
  23. Moderne Ventures
  24. Reach Capital (Reach Capital)
  25. Relentless Venture Fund
  26. Rivet Ventures
  27. Spero Ventures (Spero Ventures)
  28. Starvest Partners
  29. Supernode Ventures (Supernode Ventures)
  30. Urban Innovation Fund
  31. Valor Ventures
  32. Westlake Village BioPartners

Crowdfunding for Women-Led Companies

  1. AWE Ventures
  2. iFundWomen (iFundWomen)
  3. TheNextWomen Crowd Fund(Europe, The Next Women)

Tech, Services, Content for Women-Led Companies

  1. Connecting Founders
  2. Diversify Tech
  3. Femstreet
  4. Hastartuptiot
  5. Let’s Get to 51%
  6. Piloting Your Life — a Podcast by Terri Mead
  7. Project W by Davis Wright Tremaine
  8. The GUILD (The GUILD)
  9. The Pink Ceiling
  10. The Point 25 Initiative
  11. The State of Women (Women INVESTING)
  12. Stride Ventures
  13. Ventureneer (Geri Stengel)
  14. Virago
  15. Wingpact
  16. Women’s Business Development Center

Conferences for Entrepreneurial Women

  1. Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards
  2. Female Founders Conference
  3. Female Founders Program at The Montgomery Summit
  4. Ladies Who Launch
  5. Million Dollar Women Summit
  7. Women @ Republic (Republic)
  8. Women Entrepreneurs Festival
  9. Women Who Tech

Developing Women Tech Talent

  1. Baot by Extend
  2. Bella Minds
  3. Black Girls Code
  4. Code First: Girls
  5. CODE2040 (Code2040)
  6. Girl Develop It (Girl Develop It | GDI)
  7. Girls Who Code (Girls Who Code)
  8. Hackbright Academy (Hackbright Academy)
  9. mBolden
  10. PowerToFly (PowerToFly)
  11. Queen B
  12. Rails Girls TLV
  13. She Codes
  14. TechGirlz (TechGirlz)
  15. Venture for America (Venture For America)
  16. Women In Product
  17. Women Who Code (Women Who Code)

Developing Young Women Entrepreneurs

I’m the VP @ Springboard, a venture catalyst and premier global network of women innovators transforming industries. Follow me at @joshuahenderson or and find Springboard at If you enjoyed this article, please click below to recommend it.

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