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Brad Harris
Nov 16, 2016 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce an alpha release of the public Beep Boop API. The initial scope of the API is small, addressing commonly requested use cases for Slack Apps on Beep Boop.

“All your Slack Teams are belong to”… you

Beep Boop automatically passes along a Slack team’s OAuth tokens via request enrichment for HTTP based apps or resource objects for RTM based apps. This means when a Slack request is delivered, you have the tokens handy to make Slack API calls. This works great when you need to make calls in the context of an incoming Slack request, but is difficult if you need those tokens outside of that context, like for a background process or an external trigger. To address this, we added API endpoints to list all of your Slack teams, or get a single Slack team by ID.

Well rounded meals are important

We also added the ability to add and delete Slack Teams for your app. This allows anyone with a Slack App hosted outside of Beep Boop to import their Slack Team info and migrate to Beep Boop. It also gives you control over removing teams when needed.

API calls are scoped to a specific project, so naturally API tokens are issued at a project level. You can acquire or regenerate an API token from the Settings page of your project.

acquire or regenerate API tokens on the project’s settings page

Be sure to check out the Beep Boop API Docs and let us know if you have any feedback, or a use case that isn’t covered.

Our mission at Beep Boop is to provide the best tools for creating great Slack Apps. Beep Boop is a product by Robots & Pencils. Need help creating a great Slack integration? Let us know how we can be your hero. 🙋

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Beep Boop HQ

News and tips from Beep Boop HQ, a ridiculously simple hosting platform for your Slack and Messenger bots.

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Beep Boop HQ

News and tips from Beep Boop HQ, a ridiculously simple hosting platform for your Slack and Messenger bots.

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