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Hello World, Meet Beep

Omar Seidu Farouk
Feb 18, 2015 · 2 min read

There is nothing much more fulfilling than friends working on something they all love and are passionate about. We are happy to release the first version of our app Beep today. Beep is a social app that uses your phone’s address book to help you meet new people. Okey, this sounds like the basic premise for dozens of social media and dating apps, so why are we doing this?

Well, the difference is in the approach for one. We have created a personal and private place where you are connected with people who actually matter to you: your contacts. Eliminating the noisy and crowded feeling of social media graphs. We believe this is the community you can open up to and build safe and meaningful connections from.

You can request to get to know friends of friends on Beep just as you would ask for an introduction from a friend in real life. Just in case you are hoping for a little more than friendship with a crush but aren’t sure how they feel, you can try the Get Lucky feature. This feature is 100% private, and your crush only gets to know when they “feel lucky” with you too. On Beep, you are in constant contact with your existing friends and new connects through Chats.

We have our eye on the world but our hearts and focus is on each community we launch. Beep is a community based app and we are going to deal with each community on an individual level, the world can wait. Today, we release in Ghana our first version, hoping to create a valuable experience for every user.

I share these beliefs with some people I’m always happy to call friends, Badu, who developed a solid iOS and Android app and Ghartey, who designed an amazing and fun user experience.

Join us on this adventure and enjoy the Beep experience. Download Beep on the Ghana app stores or tell us which community you want to see us next on our Facebook page.

Beep App

Our thoughts on building a simple and fun way to meet new…

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