Beer is humble. Beer is deep.

Today I embarked on a journey to discover the best craft beer in America. Over the next 3 weeks I will be traveling across the country on Amtrak touring breweries, tasting beer, and getting to know the dedicated brewing teams who work tirelessly to fill our glasses with a beverage that may be humble, but is far from simple.

Full disclosure: I am not a beer expert. My hope is that by the end of this trip I will have a well rounded understanding of the brewing process, a deeper knowledge of beer styles, and that my palate will have grown and developed through a conscious practice of tasting beer.

When sharing the plans of my Beer Trip Across America with friends and family, I definitely received a couple of raised eyebrows and well meaning voices of concern:

Why do you want to visit breweries?!

I love the beer community. I firmly believe that beer people are the best people. People who make and drink beer are humble, down to earth, passionate folks who I love to hang out with.

Are you sure you can’t find anyone to go with you?

Turns out I don’t have any friends who want (or can) take 3 weeks off work to slowly travel across the country on train and sip beers along the way. If you’re game to do this in the future, or want to meet up along my way please get in touch.

Woah, you must really like beer.

Yes. Yes I do.

I hope that you will follow me on my Beer Trip Across America, and that your knowledge of and appreciation for beer will grow right along with mine.

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