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Learning the notes: Weighted Pools

Welcome to music theory class!

There are 3 key benefits:

  1. Put your idle crypto assets to work.
  2. Limit investment risk.
  3. Dynamic swap fees.

What are weighted pools?

Benefits in depth?

1. Put your idle crypto assets to work

2. Limit investment risk

  • The difference in value between holding a set of assets outside of a liquidity pool and the realised value after providing liquidity for those same assets is called Impermanent Loss (IL).
  • This loss typically occurs when there is an external price fluctuation of an asset therefore changing its value. This change in value is not realised within a liquidity pool until an asset is withdrawn as the price of the asset can return back to its original value.
  • There are two assets in the pool
  • Each asset composes 50% of the pool

3. Dynamic fees


  1. Check out our awesome selection of Liquidity Pools at
  2. Compose your own pools with the Beethoven composer tool
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  • For info on Liquidity Pools check click here.
  • For a better understanding of Impermanent click here.
  • For a deeper dive into how weighted pools work click here.



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