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“Calling all content creators, we are forming a collective group of superheroes!”


Can you hear the calling?

Earth’s mightiest superheroes must band together and learn to fight as a team if they are to conquer the vast desolations of the DeFi ever-realms.

Deep are the chasms they must traverse to bring back balance and restore harmony once again into the BEETaVerse.

United in their collective mission, The unBEETables must use all the creativity, imagination and most importantly LOVE they can find to succeed.

Quest by quest, embark on a journey of learning and inspiration. Rise up the ranks and unlock access to a community unlike any other.

The world is in dire need of saving, the world needs The UnBEETables.


  • The unBEETables is a new community initiative that focuses on community development through a series of Quests centred around learning, creativity and community engagement.
  • The unBEETables is hosted through a platform called Crew3 and integrated through our social media platforms.
  • Earn unique rewards, unlock new features and gain access to an inclusive community of like-minded contributors.
  • Rise through the ranks in the hope of one day joining the UnBEETables and rocking an exclusive BEETS superhero NFT!

The UnBEETables

“Calling all content creators, we are forming a collective group of superheroes!”

The UnBEETables is a community-centric group of superhero content creators. It is an ambassador program that goes above and beyond.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage community content creators to contribute towards the larger efforts of education in DeFi as well as build an engaged network of talented, like-minded individuals.

So much more than just a financial dAPP, Beethoven X is also facilitating the growth and education of individuals as a collective.

Not only would The UnBEETables aid in the spread of educational awareness around the protocol, we believe it would serve an even greater purpose — community development and brand stickiness.


Crew3 is a platform that helps web3 communities drive growth and engagement by turning their members into engaged contributors. With Crew3, community members compete for the leaderboard’s top spots and get XP rewards by completing quests.

For a quick overview check out the following link:

How does it work?

Crew3 seamlessly integrates quests within our Discord for all members to see. Upon a new quest being added, users can easily click the link, complete tasks and level up the DeFi ranks. As users progress through the leaderboard, new ranks will be automatically assigned depending on XP.

All budding unBEETable wannabes start with the Sidekick role. Engaging and participating in Superhero quests will then level up the sidekick rank directly in Discord. Those renowned and respected sidekicks paving a name for themselves will unlock the ability to participate in exclusive Superhero NFT giveaways.

Additionally, every month, the Sidekick users at the top of the leaderboard (and the highest rank in the discord) unlock the chance to officially join the unBEETables! Users who achieve this prestigious rank will receive a 1/1 exclusive and personal BEETS SuperHero NFT. They also unlock an exclusive UnBEETables chat and have the opportunity to become more closely intertwined with content creation for the Beethoven X brand.


Alongside XP rewards, Beethoven X will also offer bounty rewards for special quests that require the mightiest of heroes. NFTs, BEETS, prestigious new roles; all details of new bounties will be released in the #bounty announcement channel on Discord in the unBEETables section.

The unBEETable Quest Arks

To begin your journey to superhero stardom we have 3 basic quest arks that will evolve over time:

  • Rise of the sidekick: This is all about mastering the basics. Earn your stripes as you navigate the core tasks that make becoming a superhero a reality. These are basic tasks such as following Twitter, retweeting tweets, joining discord and inviting friends. These earn the lowest level of XP.
  • Release the hero: It’s time to elevate. With the basics under your belt, it’s time to step into your superpowers. The caveat — with great power comes great responsibility. Take your skills to the next level and prove you have what it takes. These tasks require more effort but allow you to level up faster.
  • Becoming UnBEETable: It’s undeniable, you’re destined for more extraordinary things. Truly an inspiration to the community, all that’s left is to take your craft to higher heights. At this point, it’s all about embracing your uniqueness and following your heart’s intuitions. These quests are the ultimate way to level up, earn XP, and reward those wannabe heroes for going above and beyond creating threads, articles, memes, songs, videos, and more.

The journey begins today. What can you expect?

  • Small XP quests for Twitter interaction
  • Larger XP quests for content creation
  • An exclusive UnBEETables Discord channel
  • Quest automation uploaded directly on Discord
  • Track leaderboard in every CP
  • Live updates in Discord for sidekick ranks
  • Monthly rewards for users at the top of the leaderboard — NFTs, roles.
  • Potential for additional bounties added to quests
  • The UnBEETable squad would be looked at as a highly respectable, capable group of content creators / community advocates.


The path forward has been set and the mission is clear. United with your fellow Ludwigs, we invite you to embark on a quest into the unknown. The future of the BEETaVerse and all its trusty citizens now lies in the fate of your hands.

Are you ready to rise up the ranks, maestros?

Are you ready to share your greatness with the world?