Labs Season 00: You Ready?

“I’m one of those regular, weird people.” — Janis Joplin

Building our DAO

You have to be a bit crazy to build a DAO. First, you take the time to comprehend wtf a DAO is (hint: it’s not so straightforward). Then, you realize that DAOs need leadership and structure like any other amalgamation of humanity (despite the desire for flatness and equality). So what do you build for and how?

It’s counterintuitive to organize for the sake of disorganization. But that’s what we do in DAOs and it’s an evolutionary process. The creativity and energy coming from DAO-empowered creatives, weirdos, and dreamers, is sparking a builder revolution.

We are opening Labs to harness this trajectory. It’s a carefully designed home for people to join together with shared incentives for passion.

In addition to Labs we have our “Pods” model, invented in the yesteryear of 2021, which enables us to invest, advise, and co-build in more top-down accountable structures too. We’ve made several noteworthy developments in NFT DeFi, a web3 lit-game soon to be unveiled, and the development of projects with Snoop x Nyan Cat, and Alberto Rizzo on Quantum.

Oh yeah, and to mess around we flew a plane over Miami to promote our EYEZ project backing Coldie (it was only .2 ETH!)

The Utopia of creation: Labs

By building and funding accountable Pod teams, we simply got sh*t done. We didn’t sit on our laurels. We put it on ourselves to create the culture we want to build from.

But as more opportunities hit our doorstep, we couldn’t keep up. Building Pods is linear.

We needed to get weirder to arrive where we are today with Labs. A new decentralized creation model is brewing.

We’re at the doorstep of Labs Season 00.


Labs are our first volley at decentralized creation networks.

  • They are self-incentivized
  • They encourage and reward failure.
  • They push the limits of creation to the edges: Where people are motivated to build for themself. And paradoxically not directly for the common good of the DAO.

Labs build experiments with great people

The purpose of a Lab is to attract talented people to solve BHAGs (“Big Hairy Audacious Goals”).

The way Labs do it is to build experiments in public, utilizing web3 primitives.

Labs do not have claims over any individual’s IP; are not forced to give up control over ideas to BeetsDAO; and do not create for profit.

In a corporate context, this would sound insane.

We think it is a cauldron for an explosion of creation without limits. Network effects on steroids + shared incentives = the builders win.

Getting involved

Based on the interests and activity in the DAO, we have aligned four labs for Season 00:

  • XUENIVERSALA collective experimenting with art, music and counterculture through projects and the CTRL-X media series
  • GAMING LAB — A gaming lab advising two upcoming blockchain games and experimenting with web3 primitives in gaming
  • FANS UNITED — A sports-focused lab building experiments with a professional sports league in ticketing and memorabilia
  • BEETS FOUNDRY — A tokenomics lab building the future of creator-audience tokenization

Participation this season will be limited as we put together the plane in-flight, with some of the juiciest stuff open only to active contributors.


Now: Contributors will get a generative Tapehead, a sibling of Noun 129, the first Cassette Tape Head Noun, and our unofficial mascot:

Meet Tapehead

Later: Season 00 Labs have their own badging and leveling structures which will tie together into a comprehensive tokenomics deployed in July for the kick-off of Season 01. Exploration from Beets Foundry on tokenomicsis centered around constructs such as “failure incentives/failure bonds”, badging, leveling, variable token emissions, partner boosts and staked, non-transferable “vault” NFTs as a means of access and rewards.

What’s Next

Does all of this sound like the kind of party you want an invite to? Here’s how you can start to involve yourself.

  1. The easiest way to get to know BeetsDAO Labs is to follow our Twitter and join our Labs Discord for announcements and updates.
  2. When our Discord community officially opens on March 7th, you can formally join Season 00 as a Participant and begin to explore our Labs.
  3. Participants in Season 00 are encouraged to explore the open channels and attend Lab Events that best align with their self-interest.
  4. Those interested in engaging deeply with a Lab as a Contributor can fill out an application to signal their interest to BeatsDAO and our Lab Leaders.
  5. Once your application is reviewed and approved, a Lab Leader will be in touch to onboard you as a Contributor to their Lab!

In the interest of giving our inaugural labs the best chance at success, the opportunity to onboard as a Contributor in our foundational Season 00 will be very selective and capped at 120 across all four of our Labs.

Whether you are a Participant, Contributor, or you drop a gm in the Discord, just know you are seen and loved by us at BeetsDAO and hope you will stay along with us on our journey. WAGMI!

Apply here to Season 00

This is the second in a multi-part series exploring our transition from collector DAO to builder DAO. From a gallery to a ‘decentralized Disney’. To be a part of what’s next, join our Discord

Part 1:




BeetsDAO is a DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) built to dream, connect and build web3 experiments in entertainment. Learn more at or

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