Crowdhackathon fintech 3.0 of the National Bank of Greece was successfully completed

The innovation marathon of the National Bank of Greece for the development of innovative applications and services in the field of fintech was completed on Sunday, December 2nd, with the teams’ presentations and the award ceremony. Crowdhackathon fintech 3.0 was held from November 30th to December 2nd, 2018, at the premises of the business acceleration program be finnovative in Moschato.

The crowdhackathon fintech 3.0 was organized for the third year in a row as part of the business acceleration program for fintech startups “be finnovative” by the National Bank of Greece with the technological and operational support of the Greek innovation and technology company, Crowdpolicy.

The marathon was attended by developers, company executives, students and startups and 20 competing teams, while on Sunday evening the teams presented 12 applications covering a wide range of fintech services such as electronic payments, e-wallets, simplified financial transactions for all, participatory funding — crowdfunding, chatbots for real-time customer service, loan management platforms using credit-scoring algorithms, Know your Customer (KYC) applications, use of blockchain technologies to optimize interbanking transactions, micro lending and p2p lending, as well as applications for small and medium-sized businesses, such as e-invoicing and loyalty systems.

The NBG i-bank #fintech 3.0 Crowdhackathon started on Friday, November 30th, with the kick off meeting presenting the thematic areas, while NBG executives presented the Bank’s goal of digital innovation in the financial sector as well as the NBG APIs.

Mr. Konstantinos Kalogerakis, Program Manager of be finnovative, Digital Channels Division at the National Bank of Greece, presented the business acceleration program “be finnovative” and the Bank’s goal to boost digital innovation in the field of FinTech.

Mr. George Karamanolis CTO/CIO of Crowdpolicy, presented the thematic areas and the process of the NBG i-bank #fintech 3.0 Crowdhackathon.

George Karamanolis CTO / CIO of Crowdpolicy

Mrs. Despina Koliarmou, Digital Transformation Division at National Bank of Greece, briefly presented the NBG Developer Portal platform and the capabilities of implementing applications in order to facilitate financial transactions through the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Despina Koliarmou, Digital Transformation Division at National Bank of Greece

Out of the 12 teams that presented their applications, two stood out and received the cash prizes of € 5,000 and € 3,000. In addition, due to the quality of their ideas, all the teams were selected to participate in the be finnovative Selection Day so that they will have the chance to participate in the be finnovative acceleration program of the National Bank of Greece.

The BAAM team won the 1st place and was awarded the cash prize of € 5,000 for the implementation of an asset management platform using blockchain technologies and smart contracts. The platform provides the opportunity of accelerating the current processes of buying and selling these assets through a range of innovative practices, such as identifying purchasers (digital KYC based on eIDAS for European citizens), the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate assets in real time and, finally, the settlement of transactions based on smart contracts and open banking APIs.

The BAAM team

The AITHOUGHTS team won the 2nd place and was awarded the cash prize of € 3,000 for their application that is a complete automatic digital assistant (chatbot) receiving commands by the user either through texts (short messages from a chat interface) or voice commands. The platform helps execute transactions and securely acquires the user’s data used for the transactions.


Due to the extremely high quality of the applications developed, the evaluation committee decided that all the teams should participate in the selection day of the six-month business acceleration program be finnovative. In this way, they will have the opportunity to improve their business model as well as the initial idea and application they presented in crowdhackathon fintech 3.0.

Mr. Stavros Petroulas, Director of Digital Channels at National Bank of Greece stated: “It is the third year in a row that we have organized the NBG i-bank fintech crowdhackathon and we are glad that our institution was fueled with completely new entries, with a very good mix of aspiring entrepreneurs from universities and experienced market executives. Now we are not just focusing on new technologies and platforms but on their actual implementation to address current issues regarding customer service, internal processes and more efficient delivery of products and services.”

The 10 teams:


Parity is an investment platform for renewable energy projects. The Parity team locates licensed projects, which are monitored by due diligence partners and then posted on the platform. The energy company issues either shares or bonds through the platform. The investors receive dividends from the project’s profits or a fixed coupon in the case of the bonds.


The Ducimus team implemented an automated algorithm software for arbitrage for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. It is addressed to asset managers, investors, hedge funds and offers passive income & portfolio diversification.


1slap is a Marketing Engine application that enables users to view offers near their location. The application is also an important channel of communication and advertising for businesses, as it is a Fintech tool that allows the union of the markets into a single tool.

The application users are notified of the stores’ offers on their mobile phones, thus saving time and money. The businesses promoted through the app benefit from the direct interaction with their customers and leverage the Bank’s financial solutions.


The application developed by the Blockchain@Fintech team collects in a ledger records from banking institutions and utility services of individuals who apply for credit. Users can reliably and transparently present their financial situation in order to apply for credit on better terms.

1man TEAM

The goal of the 1man Team was to develop an online loyalty platform addressed to small and medium-sized businesses. By using the application, on the one hand, customers will be able to earn points, money, financial products, etc. by using the products of the National Bank of Greece and, on the other hand, the commercial community will be able to conduct advertising campaigns so as to increase customers and profits.


The Daedalus team created an application that uses loyalty programs and go4more points. For example, when the application users set a goal, they are rewarded when they achieve it by receiving go4more points, which they can redeem at the affiliated stores. The Werbles, APIs, React Native and Javascript technologies were used to develop the application.


The team’s goal was to develop an application for direct and short-term loan lending to serve the NBG customers and attract new ones. The application users can borrow money to meet pressing needs.


The FinBe team created a network made up of public and private blockchain networks. It is used as a KYC service and is mainly addressed to banks. An important feature of this service is the proper management of its users’ data. Users can validate and manage the data they share and know with whom they share it (banking institutions).


The goal of the NOB team was to develop an application that upgrades accounting services. The application users are updated on their tax obligations and manage them so that they can have full control of their tax status at any time.

The aim of the M² team was to implement an application that provides microcredit using blockchain technologies (smart contracts) that connect businesses, the bank and customers-consumers. The application users can use smart contracts to increase transparency, reduce interest rates (from already existing capabilities and micro-credits), for easier control and efficiency in the process of granting microcredit.

Through the be finnovative innovation lab and the crowdhackathons, National Bank of Greece supports initiatives, teams and companies in the field of fintech in order to help new businesses develop and boost innovation and entrepreneurship in our country. In addition, the be finnovative innovation lab enables the systematic cooperation of the Bank with fintech companies with the aim of creating new modern products and value-added services that the Bank could offer to its customers.

All interested startup companies and teams must submit their applications for the business acceleration program be finnovative by Monday, January 7th, 2019. More information is available at the be finnovative innovation lab website at .

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