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Before Azeroth

Legend of the Red Dragon II

Day #04

Let’s give a try to see if we have better results! (Yes, we have much better results! Better speed and no disconnects!)

Sometimes you just have to get money any way you can.

Our goals for today are to upgrade our weapon, upgrade our armor, and level up once. Whether or not this will be attainable depends on how our battles go, given we can’t afford to spend the bulk of our money on green potions for healing. A secondary goal is to defeat Neb so we no longer have to pay his toll, which will likely require the armor and weapon upgrade, if not also a level up.

Finally starting to cause some damage to enemies outside of starter area!

RNG seemed to work to our advantage today. We were able to quite quickly gain enough gold for both armor and weapon upgrades, which allowed us to battle more difficult creatures. This sped up the XP acquisition process, so we ended the day leveling up to level 3. We also found a few interesting areas. In the Greentree Church, one of the dialogue options (other than donating money) is to donate your negative opinion of organized religion. It leads to some humorous dialogue.

An example boss fight to level up.

The humorous dialogue definitely helps separate this from many similar games from the time period, allowing it to age a bit more gracefully than the more serious titles of the minimalist Nethack-esque roleplaying game style. I’m curious how large the world map is and what the level cap is, but I’m going to wait until I discover those answers in game instead of just looking them up. This is definitely a game that’s growing on me. I hope the other titles hold up as well or better than this one and wonder how much my experience will vary when I enter a game whose universe I lack experience in.

Check back tomorrow for more! I’ve decided that if any of the games we are covering as part of this early MMORPGs and MUDs series are ones we legitimately want to progress further in, we will continue past the planned 7 days. Essentially, each game gets 7 days to pull at least one of us in the group in (so far it’s just me, Aun Egg, playing) for us to continue.



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