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Things to bear in mind before you judge someone

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We all get angry. We all forget everyone else is human. We all say things we would never say if we knew the whole story.

So with that in mind, here are a few things to consider before you flip a middle finger, either in real life or with an emoji:

The drive-thru employee who messed up your order may be drowsy from working two jobs to make ends meet.

The guy on the subway listening to music turned up so loud that the whole train car can hear what’s blasting through his earbuds may be trying to forget about being laid off.

The driver who blew through the four-way stop while talking on the phone may be dealing with an emergency and might not know how to connect that phone to the Bluetooth in her Lexus SUV.

The construction crew that just blocked two lanes of the main artery through town may never have been properly trained.

The person shouting “Blue Lives Matter!” at you may get all his news from Fox and his opinions from the pastor of a church founded by people who think Baptists are “too liberal.”

The older guy who told you to smile more because it makes you look pretty may not have been laid in a couple of decades.

The driver going 10 mph under the speed limit in the left lane may be sexting.

The person who puked outside your dorm-room door may be really shit-faced.

The driver who cut you off in traffic may have an inflated sense of self-worth because he works in finance.

The politician who refuses to release his tax returns may not want people to know how much of his family fortune he squandered.

The person who stole the UPS package from your front stoop may be a sociopath.

The driver tailgating you on the interstate may be a serial killer trying to get out of town before the police find all the bodies.

The Klansman marching through town may be insecure because he never found the employment he thinks he deserves for being White and Christian.

People who make excuses for assholes may be assholes themselves.

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