Amazon Shifts Perspective to Publishing?

Gregarious Narain
Aug 2, 2017 · 3 min read
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Amazon is on a mission to re-invent fashion in the Amazon way. As they are finding, killer operational chops don’t directly translate to killer fashion influence. Fashion is a highly curated business lead by an insider’s cohort of influencers and taste makers.

Glossy reports that Amazon is preparing to shift perspective:

“For [Amazon] to really shift the paradigm and go beyond being a delivery company, they have to create their own voice, which they’ve never tried to do,” Sanna said. “Even their advertising for Amazon Fashion feels generic. Until they have a point of view on curating, they’re never going to go beyond being a shipping company. It’s hard for me to see the value of acquiring such a specialist unique point of view.”

As might have been assumed, Amazon doesn’t quite have the opening flare to present its case to the fashion consumer on the same level that others can. The instinct to rely on what is known best can be hard to shake, especially when you’ve realized the success that Amazon has had doing just that.

Instead of trying to do it all, however, Amazon has lots of opportunity using a partner strategy through which it can bring some of the best talent and resources to fold. Elaine Kwon, founder of e-commerce management firm Kwontified and former vendor manager of the luxury division at Amazon Fashion notes:

“A potential partnership with Violet Grey, that’s famous for its empowered, feminine aesthetic and selection, brings the industry credibility element and possible collaboration of curation to the forefront,” Kwon said. “To this point, one might assume Amazon is not only trying to drive highly sought after editorial content, but also establish Amazon as a trusted place to purchase beauty and fashion products across various brands, genres, styles and price points.”

While this partnership is still rumored, it’s a step in the right direction. As Amazon purses more and more of our daily lifestyle, it must welcome the million points of light that give those things values in the eye of the consumer — a tall order from the steady, reliable, even predictable Amazon brand.

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Gregarious Narain is a serial entrepreneur and product strategist. A reformed designer and developer, he writes on his experiences as a founder, strategist, and father on the regular. Work with him at Before Alpha, connect on LinkedIn, follow on Facebook, or say hi on Twitter.

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