PWA with WordPress Without Coding— Part 1/6


It all began with the advent of service workers and we were soon introduced to Progressive Web Apps. Web experiences that could run reliably and fast, download only what was needed, and deliver a beautiful native experience. For a quick review of “WHY PWA?”, Look into this amazing explanation by Sam Dutton:

In this video Sam explains in detail the many benefits of PWAs.

Amazing! right? Well, the question on my mind was:

“How do I get these features on WordPress?”

Before being a developer, I am an entrepreneur. I have one intention: to get my content out there, as quickly as possible, as beautifully as possible, with as little effort as possible.

WordPress is the answer.

What is WordPress?
Put beautifully by Morten Rand-Hendriksen in his course on LinkedIn Learning:
WordPress is an Interface between a publisher, a database, and the visitors.

Set WordPress up in a five-minute install, install a theme, download a few plugins, and start publishing content. That is the WordPress way of things.

I decided this logic was enough to mask my lack of experience as a web developer (:-p) and justify the lack of code in this tutorial. Yes, you read right, we will not write any code and still make a PWA — with WordPress!

make a web app without code?

I also decided to hit two birds with the same stone. I did the experiments for this project on my website, which is the main website of my multi site network.

This series is a list of steps that I took to build the website. I have also explained my reasons and “inlined” the resources that helped me take decisions for the same