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11 Transcription Tools You Can’t Live Without As A Transcriptionist

Are you searching for the top transcriptionist tools?

If you’re just beginning off on the path to becoming a transcriptionist or exploring the field prior to beginning, sit down and pour yourself tea and make sure you have biscuits.

We’ll not only review the tools for transcriptionists you’ll need to help make transcribing simpler and more efficient, but I’ll also reveal an undiscovered tool that can assist you in advancing your level.

Intrigued? Let’s take a look at the list of tools for transcriptionists to make your job more efficient.

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#1. Laptop or PC

Laptops and PCs are the most important tool for transcription. You can pick the kind of computer you prefer according to your personal preferences. For instance, desktop computers may be a good choice in the event that you have a specific space for work in your home. Some devices may perform better when placed at a fixed location for work. The computer you work on runs transcription software as well as hardware instruments you use to record.

#2. OTranscribe

The OTranscribe is no-cost open-source software that you can use right from your internet browser. It lets you manage both the audio player and text editor within the same window. This means that you don’t have to switch tabs to stop or start the audio. The entire process can be controlled via your keyboard and interactive timestamps assist to navigate through the transcript. OTranscribe can also store your progress while you work.

For the first step, you must upload the Audio or Video file, or paste an URL to the YouTube video. The player will be placed just to the left of the text box, so you can perform all of your work from one place.

OTranscribe is also able to modify the keyboard shortcuts so you can personalize it to your preferred style of transcribing.

It is important to remember that The OTranscribe program only saves your work as an RTF file. So, you must copy your transcript after you’ve finished in case you wish to save it in a different format.

#3. Dictation Option

The dictation option is simple to use and usually more efficient than typing. For this to work you’ll need the microphone set up. If you’re using only your voice, you can start speaking into the application and you’ll see your words pop out on the screen. In order to transcribe files with audio, you’ll be required to listen to audio and then repeat what you hear through the microphone. It’s similar to the way Ai-Media’s speakers function to make live captions. It could take some time to master it!

#4. Comfortable Headphones

You could play audio files right from your device, however, if you want to start serious with recording, the most important device you’ll require is a great pair of headphones.

You’ll be working on audio that is difficult to understand. an excellent pair of headphones will help you hear the words more precisely.

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#5. DFX Audio

As transcriptionists, you will have to deal with audio files with poor audio quality. Sometimes you might even be asked to enhance the quality of the audio file.

This is where software such as The DFX Enhancer is available. It’s a tool to improve audio quality.

With DFX studio it is possible to reduce background noise, increase volume in the audio file, and help to make the audio clearer.

#6. Grammarly

Grammar is essential to any written piece. Utilizing a program like Grammarly is an easy method to ensure that you’re not doing any grammar mistakes, and If you’re doing so in need of correction.

Grammarly is among the top grammar-checker software available today.

Everybody from editors, transcribers educators writers, professionals, and transcribers utilize it. It is especially beneficial to rectify mistakes made when using speech-to-text software that converts audio into text.

#7. Express Scribe

The software you choose to use is one of the top transcription tools that can have a significant impact on the work you do. There are a few free options accessible, however, they’re all restricted and you do not need to sell out a large amount of money for more advanced software. This article will look at a handful of top options.

Express Scribe — $60

The most sought-after alternative, Express Scribe is suitable for both more experienced and skilled transcribers. It’s just $60, meaning it’s not going to cost you much. It can work with audio and video files. It is available in PC as well as Mac versions. Express Scribe can be used Express Scribe with a foot pedal (more about this in the future) or by using hotkeys.

#8. Ergonomic Office Chair

Since you’ll spend many hours at your desk at work so it’s crucial to have a comfortable, high-quality workplace chair. A well-designed chair will be a major improvement for your neck and back and you’ll be grateful that you took the time to purchase a high-quality chair. Although it’s not necessary equipment for transcriptionists it’s highly recommended.

#9. Word Processing Software

You’ll have to install a word processing program like WordPerfect and Microsoft Office. Both are essential and you need to learn how to utilize these programs to be more adaptable and more proficient in your transcription.

#10. Foot Pedal

Although this device for transcribing may not be an absolute necessity however it can make your life simpler! If you're thinking of getting a job as a professional transcriptionist using a foot pedal can allow you to stop and then continue typing without disrupting your focus and typing. You can purchase one in any electronics retailer at a reasonable price.

#11. Audacity

Audacity is a no-cost audio software program that lets users clean audio files in order to enhance the quality of their audio files. It can also record audio files and convert them to various formats. Audacity can help in getting rid of background noise to enhance the quality of your audio files.

Conclusion —

There’s not much equipment you’ll require to be a transcriptionist. In fact, you may already have a few of the equipment. I hope this article will help you find the other essential items you’ll require to start your career.

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