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This New AI Tool Is Better Than ChatGPT

Introducing the revolutionary new AI tool that outshines ChatGPT — with improved accuracy and faster processing, this cutting-edge technology is set to change the game in natural language processing.

While ChatGPT has become a popular choice for language generation tasks such as chatbots and text completion, writing & debugging codes, and anything you can think of as a content creator.

But there are a few things that ChatGPT can’t do, one is image processing and the second one is pulling the latest data and statistics, and lately reviewing products.

Yes, ChatGPT is not capable of doing these tasks. In fact, if you ask ChatGPT to review products or services that are new or not well-established, it throws a message like this…

Similarly, if you ask ChatGPT to explore the stats of something new, unknown, or upcoming, you may not be able to get the desired output.

And most importantly, there is nothing you can do on ChatGPT to get image results.

For this, you need ChatSonic, A product of WriteSonic. You have probably heard of WriteSonic. It’s an AI writing assistant tool that is capable of producing all types of text content for bloggers, digital marketers, and Agencies. From Generating a simple title to Writing email follow-ups, and sales copies, you can do everything with Writesonic.

However, ChatGPT is equally powerful to do all these things. But ChatSonic is a new release of WriteSonic that outshines ChatGPT in some cases.

These are — (ChatSonic Capabilities)

  • You can write factual content on the latest topics and news: the latest technologies, product reviews, etc.
  • Create Digital Art Works: It can produce image results based on the criteria you described.
  • Chatsonic supports Voice commands: you can speak to ChatSonic instead of typing.
  • Use cases: Emails, articles, essays, ads, social media posts, answers, product reviews, and much more.
  • Chatsonic enables you to share a specific response or even entire conversations with your friends.
  • You can export entire conversations as PDFs or Word documents.

Let’s try some USE CASES of ChatSonic & ChatGPT to see the difference between the results side by side.

1. Image Generation: Asking ChatSonic and ChatGPT to generate an image

Prompt: “Please generate an action comic book cover”

Results —



2. Write a short product description

Prompt: “Tell me more details about Samsung Galaxy S21 FE”




3. Writing Code

Prompt: “Write me an HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT code that asks people to enter a link/links and Anchor text and return a hypertext link”




ChatSonic is not good for writing and debugging codes. ChatGPT is light years ahead when it comes to writing codes. So there is no comparison.

However, ChatSonic can generate the code, but it still takes time and I found it less intuitive and time-consuming.

Sharing my personal experience…

Chatsonic and ChatGPT are the best AI tools for businesses of all sizes and industries. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can help businesses increase efficiency, automate customer service tasks, and generate leads.

Those who used to create digital art like Cover pictures, images, book covers, comic characters, Instagram posts, etc., and also generate news or tech-focused digital content can harness the power of Chatsonic.

On the other hand, if you are more into Software development, writing codes, logic, documentation, and fictional stories, you can use ChatGPT to increase your efficiency.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, ChatSonic is the better AI writing tool compared to ChatGPT when it comes to a comprehensive range of features by integrating Google Search, creating art from texts, and understanding voice commands. But ChatGPT is unbeatable when it comes to producing generic responses and writing codes for free.

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