Behance’s Year in Review: Your Biggest Successes in 2016

The Behance team is proud to present our annual Year in Review — it’s a time where we reflect on how amazing you — the Behance community — are, and how much you’ve accomplished over the past year.

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This year, we had more than eight million members upload thousands of projects every day. We found that some incredible — and unexpected — things happen when you share your work. Here’s a snapshot of our favorite moments in 2016:

Success Stories

We love presenting your stories about the new opportunities you’ve encountered after posting your work on Behance, so that the community can celebrate your accomplishments together.

“When I published my David Bowie collages, David Bowie’s wife Iman saw this Behance project, messaged me personally about it, and shared it on her Instagram.” — Selman Hoşgör

Our Community

Community has always been at the heart of Behance, and it’s so exciting to see people come together to organize events, learn, and collaborate. This year we had creatives in 84 countries come together to share their work during Portfolio Review Week — a new record.

“Invitations to job interviews were happening right during the portfolio reviews and we felt proud for our participants. It’s a certain kind of pleasure when you help other creatives to find their place and more opportunities to grow.”
 — Oksana Timchenko


We also love seeing which themes and trends struck a chord with our community, and we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites. Your creativity touched on everything from popular culture to virtual reality to current events, across every creative field.

Thank You

Thanks to you, 2016 was full of great moments and amazing work, and we can’t wait to see what you create in 2017.

To share other creative moments, people, or places that inspired you this year, comment below or drop us a line on Twitter, @behance.

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