Bigger Images, Better Lightbox, Fewer Distractions

Updates to Our Project View and Lightbox

We’ve recently launched a few updates to Behance that will make the viewing experience feel brand new. A few subtle changes to the project view UI and a reworked image lightbox puts your work front and center.

Project View

When you’re viewing a Behance project, you’ll notice fewer UI elements than before. We’ve consolidated the most pertinent information about a project to the right sidebar. Viewers can now follow another member, appreciate, and share a project on social media from a single location.


As images and displays get larger, it only makes sense for Behance projects to follow suit. When you hover over an expandable image (indicated by a magnifying glass pointer and a set of double arrows on the top right of the image module), a single click will show the image in our new lightbox. When you’re in lightbox view, you can click ahead (right side of the image or right arrow key) or back (left side of the image or left arrow key) to other images or zoom by clicking the middle of an image.

Photographers aren’t the only creatives who will benefit from the new lighbox. Interaction designers, editorial designers, or anyone that relies on zoomed-in detail will love the new views. For example, a single click will show a webpage from top to bottom, but a second click will zoom in on the details.

The new project view and lightbox are live today. Head over to to see them in action or upload your own work. Questions or comments? Let us know at

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