PRW 10 Highlights!

Our tenth Portfolio Review Week has come to a close! We asked the hosts of a few spectacular events to share their experiences. Here’s what they had to say.

“ Invitations to job interview were happening right during the portfolio reviews and we felt proud for our participants. It’s a certain kind of pleasure when you help other creatives to find their place and more opportunities to grow.” — Oksana Timchenko, Moscow

“ My favorite moment at the event was when one of the last attendees of the group that I was leading, opened up saying that she was not a designer, but was looking to become one, and that all of what she saw and heard encouraged her to become a creator.” — Gonzalo Loayza, NYC

“ Behance Portfolio Review gave me the opportunity to organize events in my city, where people in the arts share their knowledge with the beginners. Photographers, designers and artists are working together. This atmosphere inspires me and our volunteers.” — Eugen Goutnick, Vinnytsia

“ It’s important for us to bring the community together and share the knowledge with newcomers in the creative fields. There are so many amazing and distinguished creatives that have a lot to offer to students and young professionals and we want to provide the right means for them to do so. We believe that the only sure way to better yourself is to be open and outward-looking, seeking collaborations and feedback from others, for which networking events provide the perfect opportunity. And the PRW format is the best way to accomplish that.” — Panos Voulgaris, Thessaloniki

Thanks again to everyone who hosted and participated in Portfolio Review Week! For more highlights, check out the pages below:

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