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Showcase Your NFTs on Behance

See our curated NFT moodboard on Behance

Last year at Adobe Max we introduced a new way to showcase NFT art minted on Ethereum on Behance. Now, you can also showcase art you’ve minted on Solana and Polygon.

Polygon and Solana are both environmentally efficient blockchains — Polygon uses a mere fraction of the energy consumed by Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains and each Solana transaction takes less energy than two Google searches.

Bugs for dinner by Nico Lassalle

It has been inspiring to see artists from around the world be discovered for their work and build new communities through NFT marketplaces. Many artists are finding not just an additional stream of revenue, but newfound creative freedom.

“NFTs have motivated me to switch from being a designer and occasional artist, to being a full-time artist, so that I can use my vision and skills to tell my stories, instead of those of clients and brands,” explains digital artist Laura Shepherd. “Client work can be inspiring and challenging, leading me down new and different tracks, but it diverts me from the creative path I need to follow.”

Split by Faqih Nurzaman

Illustrator Faqih Nurzaman has also embraced the creative freedom of NFTs: “I was a freelance illustrator who worked on projects from clients and worked at NFT to express my other side in my work. Unexpectedly, my works were quite appreciated, and I feel the freedom of art here.”

“As artists, we pour our hearts into our artwork,” says designer Christina Young. “As we venture further into NFTs, it’s important that we stay true to ourselves, find communities that uplift, and create that empowering experience for ourselves and others. Solana is more environmentally conscious and focused on fostering an encouraging, positive, and wholesome community of creators and collectors.”

NFT art by Christina Young

Protecting Creators and Collectors

We are committed to providing artists both the platform to showcase their NFTs and the technology to ensure they are credited for their work. Through the Content Authenticity Initiative, we developed an open-source standard that allows artists to attach their artwork provenance to their creations,and we’re collaborating with NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and Rarible, to make this provenance visible. That same artwork provenance is also displayed on Behance to help protect creators and collectors alike.

Learn more about how CAI protects creators and collectors by authenticating provenance.

Showcase your NFTs on Behance

Head to the NFT tab in your Behance profile and you’ll be able to connect your wallet via MetaMask or Phantom. Once the accounts are synced, you’ll be able to see all the NFTs you minted on Behance and be able to include them in any projects.

We look forward to expanding our partnerships and creating more opportunities for artists to share their NFTs and be discovered for their work on Behance.

Browse our curated moodboard of NFTs on Behance.




Use Behance to showcase and discover creative work. We’re on a mission to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.

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Use Behance to showcase and discover creative work. We're on a mission to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.

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