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The Influencers Dinner: An Interview with Jon Levy (Letter — June 30, 2021)

I recently sat down with author, Jon Levy, to discuss his new book, You’re Invited: the Art and Science of Cultivating Influence.

To learn the value of creating meaningful connections and building trust with the people that can influence your life, click here.

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So, You Want To Become a Great Product Manager? [Q&A with Jackie Bavaro] (Letter — May 20, 2021)

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jackie Bavaro about her latest, Cracking the PM Career — a complete guide to the skills, frameworks, and practices you need to become a great product manager.

To discover Jackie’s tips for becoming a great product manager, click here.

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Will Clubhouse be a Habit or Has-Been? (Letter — April 15, 2021)

Instead of panicking about teens’ social media use, what if we focused on sleep and family? In other words, what if we paid attention to the real problems?

To learn what the real factors are in teen depression, click here.




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