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Why We Should All Be Wearing (and Making) Face Masks Right Now (Letter — April 2, 2020)

Everyone should be wearing a face mask now, whether they are sick or healthy. In several Asian countries that are successfully lowering the number of infections from COVID-19, mask wearing is widely promoted, so why isn’t the U.S. Follwing suit?

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Why You’re Not Good at Changing Minds (Letter — March 13, 2020)

I just published an interview with Dr. Jonah Berger about his latest book, The Catalyst.

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What You Need to Know When Visualizing Your Goals (Letter — February 26 , 2020)

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Most of us blame our phones, or more specifically, social media or Netflix as the reason we can’t get anything done.

Yet these aren’t the real culprits. The secret to staying focused at times like these is to change your perspective on the task itself. Click here to read more.



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