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Why You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Think Like One (Letters— April 16, 2020)

We often assume that thinking like a rocket scientist is beyond the ability of mere mortals without a special kind of genius, but that assumption turns out to be wrong.

I interviewed Ozan Varol about his book, Think Like a Rocket Scientist. Ozan shares how we can all benefit from thinking like a rocket scientist.

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Why We Should All Be Wearing (and Making) Face Masks Right Now (Letter — April 2

Everyone should be wearing a face mask now, whether they are sick or healthy. In several Asian countries that are successfully lowering the number of infections from COVID-19, mask wearing is widely promoted, so why isn’t the U.S. Follwing suit?

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Why You’re Not Good at Changing Minds (Letter — March 13, 2020)

I just published an interview with Dr. Jonah Berger about his latest book, The Catalyst.

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