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By Dr Antonio Silva, Principal Advisor & Edward Flahavan, Principal Advisor, Home Affairs and Security, BIT

Maps help us navigate and make sense of the world. However, geography can also constrain how we think about our relationship with other countries. …

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By Dr Antonio Silva, Principal Advisor & Emma Ruskuc, BIT

Political polarisation has become a powerful force of division in the UK. In a 2018 survey, fewer than half of Labour and Conservative voters said they were willing to talk about politics with someone from the other side, and around…

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By Dr Rory Gallagher, Managing Director, Australia and Asia-Pacific, BIT

Last month Professor Richard Thaler and Professor Cass Sunstein published Nudge: The Final Edition. The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) was built on the ideas developed and popularised in the original edition, and we have been hugely grateful for the inspiration…

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By Dr Alex Gyani, Director of Research and Methodology, APAC

In the last week, you may have found that a leaderboard has become an unexpected addition to your morning routine. …

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By Leonie Nicks, Senior Advisor & Hannah Burd, Principal Advisor, BIT

Recruiters spend less than 10 seconds screening a CV or resume. Such rapid decision-making increases the role that bias can play in hiring decisions. …

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By Leonie Nicks, Senior Advisor, & Hannah Burd, Principal Advisor, BIT

Before the pandemic, only around 5% of UK employees worked entirely remotely. In the first lockdown this rose to 33% and 54% of UK employees are working remotely to some extent in April 2021.

Many affected organisations are now…

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By Dr Alex Gyani, Director of Research and Methodology, APAC, Saul Wodak, Associate Advisor & Zoe Powell, Associate Advisor, BIT

To meet net zero emissions all sectors of the global economy will need to embark on unparalleled transformation. The financial industry is a key player in this transition — with…

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Media narratives can drive and support meaningful, equitable change

By Meredith Jones, Senior Advisor, Evie Monnington-Taylor, Principal Advisor, Private Sector & Innovation, Cecily Wallman-Stokes, Principal Advisor, Head of Strategy, Stephanie Wilcoxen, Advisor & Kirstie Paul, Associate Advisor, BIT

In 2015, the USA Network show Royal Pains featured a brief storyline about a transitioning transgender teen and the challenges she…

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Findings from 20 million job applications — one of the biggest experimental social policy trials ever published

By Kristina Londakova, Senior Advisor, Hannah Burd, Principal Advisor, Filip Gesiarz, Research Advisor, & Vivek Roy-Chowdhury, Research Advisor, BIT

With almost 40% of employees working from home this year, remote working and other forms of flexibility have become the norm and myths about productivity losses have started to evaporate.


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By Emma Hunt, Senior Advisor, and Saul Wodak, Associate Advisor, BIT

Everyone should be valued and treated as equal regardless of gender. Yet in too many workplaces, sexist behaviours and sexual harassment are still a problem.

In Australia, one in three people have been sexually harassed in the workplace in…

Behavioural Insights

Why you do what you do and how to do it better — from The Nudge Unit

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