Are ISIS actually Islamic

Another day, another ISIS attack. Not only did they attack innocent civilians in Tunisia, a suicide bomber blew up a mosque in Kuwait. Yes, a MOSQUE, a place where MUSLIMS- what ISIS claim to be- carry out their worship and is the house of Allah (God in Arabic) the God they supposedly worship. Yeah, right.

This all happened in the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, where fasting should be observed along with spending time with your family, asking for God’s forgiveness as well as giving to charity and many other things. In case you thought ISIS were Islamic, that should tell you.

Instead, the death cult- I’ll call them now- are blowing up mosques and killing innocent people around the world. And while they attach themselves to Islamic teachings- teachings they’ve twisted into making their acts legitimate, the billions of Muslims around the world are tired of having to explain themselves. I am tired. The actions of ISIS are not only scaring the non-Muslims, but the possibility of retaliation against Muslims is great. Look what happened after the Paris attacks, mosques were subjected to weeks of torment through attempted bombing and so on for simply following the ‘same’ religion as the gruesome ISIS. Is this right?

ISIS is just as Islamic as non-Muslims. They pluck a verse out of the holy Quran and attach their interpretation. Have you seen any leading imam or scholar justify their behaviour? No. Why? Because what they are upon is falsehood and a desire to cause mischief while spilling the blood of innocent people. If you think Islam incites violence, with more than a billion Muslims around the world, you might want to rethink that.

Let’s take a moment to shed light on the real Muslims in the tragic case that occurred in Tunisia. The hotel staff and bystanders formed a shield around the targeted tourists in defiance, so while the spotlight is on the mass murdering terrorist, a momentary glance and appreciation for the real representatives of the incredibly misunderstood religion would not go amiss.

It is about time the leading countries corroborated to wipe away a cult which seems to be expanding by the minute. The lack of intent to battle ISIS indicates a hidden agenda and one that will lead to more lives being lost unless something drastic is done.

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