A different take on the importance of justice being seen to be done…

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2 min readFeb 23


Every journalist knows the importance of justice being seen to be done — and the Oxford Mail has shown that in quite an unusual way.

After all, it’s not every day a reader of your paper discovers they were due to be in court.

The first Rebecca Tremlett knew of her case beginning at Oxford Crown Court was when she read about it in the next day’s edition of the Oxford Mail.

Reporter Tom Seaward told readers: “She did not attend court for the first day of the trial, but appeared on the second day after learning about a report of the first day’s procceedings in this newspaper.”

The paper also reported that Tremlett had changed addresses and a letter informing her of her trial date had not been forwarded on.

“She’s an avid reader of the Oxford Mail, because that’s where she read about her case taking place,” Judge Michael Gledhill told jurors.

Turning to the press bench, Judge Gledhill added: “Thank you for getting her here this morning.”

Tremlett had been charged with robbery, for which a jury found her guilty.

Sharing the story on LinkedIn, editor Andrew Colley said: “This story from Oxford Mail highlights that a regional newspaper can do everything from bringing you the latest news, sport, opinions and events to informing, entertaining — sometimes make you laugh and cry.

“Oh, and let you know you are due at court!

“Judge Michael Gledhill thanked our reporter for making sure the avid Mail reader turned up on time for her robbery trial.”